Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Setting up the pins

I was listening to Sara Groves in the car the other day. For those that do not know Sara... you are sorely missing out. I adore her lyrics and music. My infatuation aside, she had a song that really spoke to me, with a lyric I cannot get out of my head, "we're all setting up the pins for knockin' them down". How fitting is that to a mom (and I imagine as a person in the outside workforce as well)?
We have our calendar, set up the dentist appointments, the dr. visits, preschool, swim lessons, playdates. We wake up, put on the clothes, eat breakfast, brush teeth, go where we are supposed to be, lunch, nap, play, dinner, remove clothes, pjs, teeth, prayers good night. We plan it all out, go through all the motions, "set up all the pins" and then knock them down to do it again. Sometimes I get to wondering if I missed something somwhere. The middle of Sara's song goes as follows

you can find joy in the fertile ground
setting up the pins and knocking em down
you can try to fight it till you're anger drowned
setting up the pins
everyone everywhere some way some how
are setting up the pins for knocking em down
it can feel simple but it's really profound
setting up the pins

God took a holy moment to speak to me as I listened to this little bluegrassy's not worth getting upset over...I have fertile ground in my kids to work with daily. Yes, sometimes the tasks are mundane, monotonous and seem to be trivial, but how profound the outcome if I am consistant and continually cultivate.
I love music for this very is such a gift to our souls. I am thankful that little God prompting to put the CD in and take out the kid's music. This little tune gave me something to hum as I set up the pins and as I knock them down...reminding me of the worth in each task set up and each task accomplished. Although, I do have to say, there is something in that kid's music that speaks as well, because I truly can realate to "The crazy dance" by GO FISH. But that is a whole different entry (: