Tuesday, June 22, 2010

potty training...we did it?

So, for those of you that have followed the blog, you may know that potty training Gav was a nightmare and something that made me realize, I was going to have to let my dream go of having a child follow "the rules" I had made about certain behaviors or attitudes. Sometimes, you just have to adjust according to your child, not have your child adjust according to you. I am happy to say he now confidently uses the potty, but we definitely took the long road.
Well, I decided, with baby "Sparky" on the way, we should at least give Brayden a concept of what it means to use the potty. Since the baby should be here in less than three months (which feels like forever at this point, but I know is certain to be much sooner than I think) I wanted to try and see how far we got. I figured, even if he just realized that pee goes in the potty and did it a few times, he could then practice while the baby was here and maybe, just maybe we could try again when the baby was about 4 months old and get Bray potty trained by three.
Now, I hadn't given up all hope that the "potty train in a day" theory would work and I decided to give it my all for two days and see where we were. Dad and Gavin left the house and Brayden and I spent the day in the kitchen. I pumped him full of juice (which he rarely gets, especially not without me completely watering it down) and threw some underwear on. He peed on every chair. My floor is much cleaner than normal, due to the amount of wiping I did.
However, come mid-day, we got it. He went in the potty and cried when I tried to take his "unerwares" in exchange for a diaper at naptime.
As of day two, he went in the potty all day, until two little accidents at night. I was shocked! And frankly a tad overwhelmed that it worked so well I'd have to stick with it. He loves his underware and he is actually pretty good at telling us he has to go. We still have accidents and I still have to do reminders a lot, but he's going. Once again, my kids teach me about expectations.
I am interested to see where we are by the end of the week. I am proud of the little guy. I am also interested to see how much our water bill is, seeing as Bray only seems to go when you let him flush the toilet!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Recent photos

Here are just some recent photos of the boys. I thought it captured their spirits quite well. gav at the zoo, wide eyed and thuroughly enjoying an adventure with lots of "why's" and "what's that's". And Brayden...enjoying the beach waaaaay too much.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Things I'll Miss

So, as I am going through this mothering journey, there are things that happen on a daily basis that I lately I have been thinking to myself, "someday I'll be done with this." Some of these things are the things I keep waiting to be done with (like whining, wait...I think I still whine to my mom) others are just things that come naturally with the boy's ages...like reminding the boys to wash their hands before meals and after a potty stop. Here are just a few things that have caught my attention as of late:
-Stepping on hotwheels, after I thought we put them all away
-Having Brayden's feet run into my room in the morning (after I have yelled from bed that he can come find me) and his little face climbing up next to me at 6:30 am, whispering "bekfast, mama?"
-Heading out into a parking lot or sidewalk and automatically holding my hand behind me to have Gavin take it
-Finding marbles in my slippers and other various obscure locations
-Having to remind the kids not to squeeze the juice boxes to avoid the squirt in the face
-Picking up Brayden's shoes off the floor of the van and removing his socks from his hands, because he likes to play sock puppets every time we drive
-Pretending I am buzz lightyear as we all hold hands and jump off the fireplace yelling, "to infinity and beyond" in our superman shirts (yes, I own a superman shirt and I think Gavin thinks the capes on their pajamas makes them like buzz light year...i don't get it, I just go with it)
-Having babywipes at my disposal for all sorts of great uses
-Answering the question "why" or "what" a million times a day, because my child thinks I know everything (which I do...of course)
-Tying shoes
-Zipping coats
-Cutting up food
-Having my children believe three skittles does count as a dessert
-Reminding Gavin, at least once a week, that he is too young to drive
-Lifting the kids in and out of the grocery carts
-Having macaroni be a "special favorite" meal
-Having spontaneous hugs to my legs all day long, from Brayden, who just randomly seems to decide he needs to love someone
-Having Gavin insist he can't go to bed because he forgot to kiss me good-night

I am not sure why the melancholy has set in. Maybe it's because Gavin is getting taller, he's thinning out, running faster and needing me less and less. I see a kid instead of a little boy. Brayden is growing up so much faster than Gav, with a big brother to watch. He is so independent and no longer a baby, trying to dress himself, get his shoes and hat on and opening doors to go, far before I am ready. No matter what the source, I suppose it has helped me in these past rainy weeks of grumpiness. Trying to appreciate these little guys I have and be grateful for the sometimes irksome, but in the end, endearing little things. I am trying to store in my heart, because someday they will cease to exist.
Well, who knows, maybe macaroni will always be a "special favorite" and not a last resort? We can always hope.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Doin' good

Life has been busy! Shawn has been working lots and it seems with all these "endings" the schedule is filling up...graduations, wedding showers, retirement parties, birthday parties, etc., etc. Good, but tiring.
The boys have been growing up a great deal and I am starting to see Brayden become a big boy and Gavin become a "kid". Bray is using mini sentances...the most common being, "I have it." He is also getting down the singing, though he loves to make up his own songs and march around, his favorite by far is Happy Birthday. Gav is starting to learn the fine art of negotiation. A common retort to me saying, I don't think so is..."Well, mom, we can always check and see." My personal favorite is, "Okay, let's just talk about it later." Hoping that maybe then I'll agree. It's all I can do not to laugh.
Not much new with me. I got away for a three day weekend, courtesy my mom. She treated both my sister and I to a retreat and it was AWESOME! I missed my boys terribly though and after a day and a half back, I am not entirely sure where my head was. (Just kidding...they are cute and I love them.)
Shawn's work is winding down. Two more days as a dean, a week or two more left with the summer school job and then....as of July first he is down to one job, as a principal! Wahoo! We keep meaning to go celebrate, but thus far our schedules are packed with celebrating others. I think we are looking forward to July for that one!
Beyond that, no real news. As Gav says, we're "doin' good." I'm happy with that!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So as it turns out, I have made a post, only accidentally to my husband's Principal blog...whoops!

Anyway...this rain is going to be the end of me. I am fresh out of rainy day ideas and seeing as it's June, I don't think I should have to come up with them. Gavin said it best this morning,
"It's rainy out. And a little bit foggy...again. No picnic."
Sorry kid. We can have one on the floor, but we're definitely not making our park date.
We've done the mall toys, we've done the Barnes and Noble train table and book purchase, we've had friends over, we've played hide and seek, I don't know how many times. I am a loyal Washingtonian, but even I am discouraged and lamenting the curse of the rain. I'd be fine if it were February, but it's not.
I think I am one of many moms who are praying fervently for sunshine. Please oh please Lord!!!