Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things that should make you go "Hmmm?"

So I am seeing more and more that some of the sentences I utter in this parenting journey are quite funny. At the time I think nothing of them. But in retrospect it makes you think..."I can't believe that seems normal. Here are just a sampling of the last few days.

-Stop sitting on your brother's head...he doesn't want you to hatch him anymore.
-Oh, that's just a little pee on your's fine, put it back on.
-I'm sorry your sad, but you were the one to drop your grape in the toilet and you may not eat it.
-Get the firetruck out of your pants.
-Gav, can you wipe the puke on the floor, I'm just gonna get the puke down my shirt and then we can play a game.
-You can't go poop off the side of the deck, just pee.
-Get off my leg while I am making dinner or I won't let you hold onto it again!
-You both want to be Goliath? Doesn't anyone wanna be David?
-You wiped yourself? Let me check your bum.

Just a few that come to mind. I really need to be writing these down more often. They say kid's say the darndest things, but really...I think some of the sayings we utter as parents are just as ridiculous. All of the sudden, pee, poop and baby puke are no big deal and we chat about it as freely as we do the weather. All I can say is, I will be sad to see my kids grow up, but I will be ready to once again think it is abnormal to offer to check after they wipe!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Latest Pic

A tad on the "too pastel" side, but not too shabby!

Lessons from Gavin

Gavin is like me in so many ways. He is concrete sequential, he likes things in their place, he likes to talk, he doesn't like things to get too dirty and he just has peculiarities about how tight his shoes are, if his tag is down on his shirt or if his sleeves scrunch up when he puts his coat on (all of these things bothered me as a kid and when Gavin whines about it I just cringe at how obnoxious I was for my poor mom, it makes getting out the door quite the to-do).
Now I know this makes him sound a little bit like the Rainman, which he is not. He still plays in the mud, actually prefers not to wear his coat, breaks the rules quite frequently and can be quite silly. But overall, he is a ducks in a row kinda kid and he likes to tell others how things work, the rules and in general...tell you how it is.
Today, sitting at the table, we unloaded his preschool bag. There were two coloring pictures. One of Jesus on the cross and one of Jesus coming out of the tomb. Brayden says, "What are those? Whose that?"
Gavin needing no further prompting to talk and share his wealth of knowledge, proceeded to sit Brayden down and tell him what he knows.
"See Bray, that's Jesus on the cross. He got nailed there for our sin. That's the naughty stuff we do. We all sin. But Guess what?" he whispered. "He didn't stay dead!"
Really animated with hands out to his sides, Gavin opens his eyes so wide and exclaims, "He's alive! Isn't that exciting!"
Brayden, getting all caught up in it, "Yeah, exciting!"
Now, I know Gavin doesn't truly grasp this whole concept of Jesus conquering death and taking on the sins of the world. I understand that the concept of salvation and our need for it, may be a bit much for him right now and he is reiterating what he has been told (heck, even I can't comprehend the enormity of it). He's still got a ways to go in true understanding of it all. (Awhile ago he asked, how God lives in heaven and in our hearts and wanted to know if God takes us to heaven in a really tiny airplane. Gavin's just sure He does.) However, it did my heart wonders to know that he has been listening. That it it is sinking in as we talk about Jesus, tell Him that God loves him and share the Gospel with our son. God says the word hides in our heart and that it won't return know that Gavin's heart is already hiding it away is so great!
I continue to pray that my kids will know Jesus intimately. And I will continue to do my best to direct them towards the things of God. I am finding as I do this, often God uses the moments to teach me and remind me of who He is and how much He really does love us.
Today's lesson:
Though I do Bible studies, I go to church, and I ponder some of the bigger questions about really does come down the the childlike excitement that "Jesus is alive! Isn't that exciting!"

Thursday, April 14, 2011


I am not one typically known for being flexible. I am type "A". I have a plan. I have spreadsheets and I love excel. I Enjoy to-do lists and prefer to have little bullets, if possible. I even get excited when I have time to try and make my grocery list in order of the aisles I shop. I like structure. Some would say too much. Due to this, I have been praying that God would make me more flexible. Be able to go better with the flow and bend a little more easily.
The last two weeks have tested me to the max! Two Sunday's ago, we moved to a hotel to have our hardwoods redone, due to a leak from our water heater. This required us moving the majority of our house, to the minority of our house. It also made me feel compelled to repaint our room since it was accidentally touched up with a shade of blue, different than the original and to put up new trim, since it is the only room without white trim and closet. Along with that, it was time to paint the trim in our house, so we decided this should be done after the floors were finished.
The night we moved in, was the night we heard all of Shawn's cousin's were flying in, because his Grandpa had surgery and was going downhill fast. The beginning of the week was spent waiting to hear news, spontaneous get togethers with family, many phone calls, and trying to make life at a hotel fun for the kids. Wednesday Grandpa passed away. Friday was the funeral. It was also Shawn's birthday and the first time I had kept a surprise from him...I had bought him tickets to the 5th avenue. It also happened to be the day we were scheduled to go paint the trim, set up some of our house. Those plans got laid aside.
Saturday we set up some of the house, painted, and moved me and the kids to my mom's because it still stunk to high heaven. Monday night Gavin woke at my mom's three times. The next day we went to the clinic and he had a double ear infection. I came out of the clinic to find a note saying someone witnessed a Honda back into my van and drive away. Wednesday everything I tried to accomplish failed, from e-mailig the receipts to Pemco for reimbursement for the hotel and meals to going to the bank to get money (it works better if you remember your wallet). Thursday the electric door to the van, which we had replaced in August broke again and was stuck open.
Thursday I broke. I went ballistic and had my melt down. Up to this point it was almost laughable, but the van door sent me over. Brayden just looked at me and said,
"The door's broke mom. I sorry. It's okay."
I sniffed, hugged him and sent up yet another call out to God and then called my sister. Through many tears, I explained the situation and once again, God came through.
Here's what I mean in once all of this, I have been keeping track, and though it has been hard and frustrating, God has provided, walked with us and blessed us as He stretched and pulled to mold us.
The hotel: Here's a shout out to Embassy Suites. It was awesome, we had a seperate space for the kids. They got to swim up to three times a day. Great food in the mornings and snacks/drinks at night. We loved it there and it gave the kids adventure as we sat and waited to see what the family needed.
The family: Shawn's cousin's are so fun and his family so great. We got to spend time with people we hadn't seen in a long time and they are truly loving and enjoyable.
The funeral: Grandpa was a true patriarch and loved dearly. He also loved Jesus and was ready to see him. He lived a long life and a good one. He is dancing with Jesus now and that makes it so much easier to let him go!
The Birthday: We got to give our tickets to friends who love to go to the theater and Shawn already picked another show he really wanted to see.
The house: We got it somewhat put back together and thanks to much help from my mom...we have nice fresh paint on our room, our closet and our trim.
The receipts: Shout out for Pemco, who was really understanding and worked with me.
The sickness: When Gavin woke up in the night, so did mom slept with Gavin and I took Amanda and we made it through. My mom works at the clinic and had him an appointment scheduled before the clinic even opened.
The car accident: The damage was minimal and it really won't affect the driving.
The van door: It was covered under warrenty. My sister happened to have no plans (for anyone who knows her...this alone is a miracle) and her kids were at daycare that she could come out and follow me there (as I drove with the door wide open and excessive beeping the whole way). We also got a free rental until it's fixed.

I took away a few really important things from the past weeks. First and foremost a big reminder: for any doubters out there, God does answer prayer. I prayed to be more flexible and God went with it. I will say, I was hoping to be more ushered into the flexibility and not receive the crash course. I guess next time I'll have to pray more specifically about that.
Also, I learned that when we pray to be more like Christ, He gives us eyes to see more like Him. I don't think I would have seen the blessings He provided along the way, had I not been begging Him to help me. And if I took away anything at all this week it's this: looking at things through His eyes you get a much better view.