Sunday, July 18, 2010

summer update

So, this summer I am horrible at getting back into the office to catch up on this here blog. It doesn't help, that my super trooper, Brayden, learned to let himself in through the gate and refuses to obey when I tell him to stay out. Since the office is currently a dumping zone for paper work, baby stuff, Shawn's school supplies,'s also seen as a cornucopia of treasures by my two sons. The words "stay out" mean nothing to their little ears.
I digress.
Here is the quick catch up. I am very pregnant. Bleck. Never the one to love pregnancy, I do not feel the glow and for the first time ever I want to waddle. I have to make a mental note to walk with my feet pointed forward and my legs together. I often get the highly overrated comment, "aren't you so cute?". And though it is said with good intention and sweet meaning, I must say, I get a tad irritated. "Yes, adorable. I think when the baby comes I'll just shove an over inflated basketball up my shirt because it really is just SOOOOO cute." I know these people are just being nice and I really need to work on my gracious attitude.
I think there is something about being short that people associate with cute. I don't know what it is, but that is all I can conclude. Because at this point I am bigger than when both Gavin and Brayden were born and I would argue it's not cute. It's pregnant.
All that said, we are making some progress on getting ready for the baby. We got all the stuff out of the attic and it's in the laundry room. I'll attack the laundry room later. I don't know what happened to the bottles, but am just thankful that we found the misplaced carseat. Yes, out of everything, the two things we couldn't find were the carseat and bottles...we're off to a great start!
The boys are doing good. I think they too are ready for baby. Especially Gavin. He's been very curious and protects anything we say is for his sister. "Bray, get out of the crib, that's our sister's. Braaaaayden, don't touch those shoes, their for our sister." It's really quite cute. He wants to know if she'll talk or walk and he doesn't think she should, which is good, no disappointment there.
Brayden is going to have a rude awakening when mom can actually get off the floor again in under a minute. Right now he gets away with so much because, well...he can get away. The other day as he ran away from me I just sat on the floor of his room yelling, "When this baby comes, you are toast little man." He looked back with a huge grin and replied, "Mommy so silly."
We'll see whose the last to laugh little buddy.
Aside from baby, the boys are enjoying their summer. We went to a cabin with some friends and had multiple days at a river to throw rocks, play, swim and create our own dams. They LOVED it. Gavin asks to go back every day and has cried often when we say no.
Both boys are in swim lessons and doing great. Bray has really suprised us by doing so well. His fearless nature works for him, but he has also sat in his class and obeyed relatively consistently. He definitely gets kudos for his behavior and improvement. (Unfortunately, the more familiar he gets with the water, the more testing he does, but still...he's not even two and a half and doing what the four year olds are doing...). He is so fun to watch too. He smiles so much, he is constantly swallowing water. Even when he is ducked under, he comes up coughing and grinning.
Dad is working hard, at his new job and at home. He has been at his new school nearly everyday and in the yard most nights. He has both getting into shape and I am quite proud of all he's doing in both places. He does say he is looking forward to August and actually having some of his staff back at school to talk to, but relishes the the time to get things done uninterrupted.
I am just enjoying the more laid back season of sunny days. It finally arrived and I do love it. I love being out back with the kids and spending some time in the yard. I have gotten in my fair share of yard work and do enjoy looking at the results. I also love hearing my boys playing together out back and enjoying their imaginations and God's creation. It's so simple and so enjoyable.
Welp. That's the update here for now. Hopefully I'll get some motivation to post some pics soon, but seeing as I just ordered all our pictures dating back to Christmas, we'll see. (Yes, Christmas...for those of you who know me well, this is so out of the mighty type A's fall when toddlers prevail.) Either way, I am hoping to do a slightly better job here on the ol' blog. As a true Washingtonian, I can only say...if the sun's out, I make no promises and no commitments.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The worm sprinkler

For Brayden's birthday, his Grandma gave him a worm sprinkler. It's about 30 little worms that stand up with sun hats and squirt water out of their mouth. That was in April...the kids have been waiting to use for what feels like forever.
We have had to improvise with "summer" ideas, since the sun has foresaken us up to this point. Fortuately, dad has been home earlier and we have had some extra hands to do things like bike rides and park trips, zoo trips and visiting friends. Dad and mom have even managed to squeeze in a few dates!
All in all, we have kept busy and enjoyed being a family, but I can say we miss the sun and we are a tad sad that the summer vacation plans we normally make have been waylaid in leu of Shawn's new job and a baby on the way. We have a few tiny get aways planned and Shawn and I are trying very hard to keep our chins up and not lament over lack of a real "vacation". I have a pretty lousy attitude about it and would like to GO! Our boys of course are completely oblivious and just happy to have more of dad home and anticipating use of the worm sprinkler.
We finally got it out the other day for an hour of sun. The boys stripped down and ran naked...full of screaming delight. They couldn't have been more happy, until the clouds rolled in and mom and dad made them call it quits. I told them they could use it again when the sun arrived.
Today is the big day. It's supposed to be 80 all week, ideal worm sprinkler weather. The boys can hardly contain themselves. Worm sprinklers and popscicles...that's apparently all it takes. Shawn and I, once again could learn a lesson from these two crazy nuts. I have a lovely backyard, two amazingly funny little boys, a wonderful husband, sugar on a stick and water flowing from a worms mouth. I really don't need to go anywhere...maybe I could just ship my attitude. (: