Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The worm sprinkler

For Brayden's birthday, his Grandma gave him a worm sprinkler. It's about 30 little worms that stand up with sun hats and squirt water out of their mouth. That was in April...the kids have been waiting to use for what feels like forever.
We have had to improvise with "summer" ideas, since the sun has foresaken us up to this point. Fortuately, dad has been home earlier and we have had some extra hands to do things like bike rides and park trips, zoo trips and visiting friends. Dad and mom have even managed to squeeze in a few dates!
All in all, we have kept busy and enjoyed being a family, but I can say we miss the sun and we are a tad sad that the summer vacation plans we normally make have been waylaid in leu of Shawn's new job and a baby on the way. We have a few tiny get aways planned and Shawn and I are trying very hard to keep our chins up and not lament over lack of a real "vacation". I have a pretty lousy attitude about it and would like to GO! Our boys of course are completely oblivious and just happy to have more of dad home and anticipating use of the worm sprinkler.
We finally got it out the other day for an hour of sun. The boys stripped down and ran naked...full of screaming delight. They couldn't have been more happy, until the clouds rolled in and mom and dad made them call it quits. I told them they could use it again when the sun arrived.
Today is the big day. It's supposed to be 80 all week, ideal worm sprinkler weather. The boys can hardly contain themselves. Worm sprinklers and popscicles...that's apparently all it takes. Shawn and I, once again could learn a lesson from these two crazy nuts. I have a lovely backyard, two amazingly funny little boys, a wonderful husband, sugar on a stick and water flowing from a worms mouth. I really don't need to go anywhere...maybe I could just ship my attitude. (:

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