Sunday, August 8, 2010

The to-dos and of late

I am finally feeling like we are catching up with life around here. We are also preparing to get ready for baby. I laugh when I look at my to-do list, it looks like an excerpt from some Good-Housekeeping article. However, I have crossed much off in the last two weeks and though they may seem silly, feel pretty good about the recent accomplishments.
  • Reorganized all the kids clothes (including consigning a ton and packing up hand me downs), made room and put away baby's clothes too!
  • Finished off the "ode to girl" in the crib corner of the room.
  • Caught up on Gavin's scrapbook and only have about 4 pages left to catch up on Bray's.
  • Got as far as possible in the baby book we bought for little girl.
  • Made 2 sets of six freezer meals for the frozen food exchange I am a part of.
  • Made Gavin's birthday invites (for his very small party) and bought his birthday present.
  • Washed and sterilized all bottles and breast pump paraphernalia.
  • Sorted through and found house hiding spots for all the baby "stuff"...burp clothes, crib sheets, blankets, changing pads, diapers, etc.
  • Made room in the kitchen for bottles, paci's and other baby things that inevitably need room in a cupboard.
  • Made a drawer of baby toys in the living room.
  • Cleaned the rest of the office closet and reorganized the boys toys...eliminating some.
  • Updated all our bills to online payment and created an excel budget sheet.
  • Packed my bag and the baby's bag for the hospital.
  • Made over5 phone calls to update various aspects of life...from new insurance to making an appointment to get the van's automatic door fixed (let's just say, being 8 months pregnant and climbing into a van to help buckle the kids has stunk).
  • Did major grocery shopping trip for the month.
I will admit to having a day without children (thank you Grandma Joan) that helped make this all possible and an hour and a half one morning without kids (thank you Holly Moe) to make phone calls. It is amazing what can be accomplished without is also amazing how much I miss them and love hearing about all they did in our time apart.
Overall, it feels nice to be relatively caught up. Sometimes I do feel like the minute I cross something off my list, I am also writing something onto it. It reminds me of my days at work, where I would intentionally write down things I'd already done, just so I could cross more things off! But in the end, I believe we are at the point where the baby could come, the kids would have food and I would be in a pretty good state.
I am starting to get really tired by the end of the day and I am looking forward to having a little more agility and desire to be out running with the boys. I think they are ready for baby to come too. Gavin is constantly asking about his sister and Brayden is always wondering when we are going to the baby dr..
I am trying to enjoy my last few weeks with just the boys. I am noticing Brayden is getting so big and using sentences and I am a tad sad that he won't be my baby. He is too funny and turning into the family ham. I can tell he is ready to not be the baby anymore. Gavin is definitely turning into a huge nurturer and will be a great biggest brother. But I still want to capture a bit of this time with just my boys to save in my heart. It is so sweet.

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