Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things that should make you go "Hmmm?"

So I am seeing more and more that some of the sentences I utter in this parenting journey are quite funny. At the time I think nothing of them. But in retrospect it makes you think..."I can't believe that seems normal. Here are just a sampling of the last few days.

-Stop sitting on your brother's head...he doesn't want you to hatch him anymore.
-Oh, that's just a little pee on your's fine, put it back on.
-I'm sorry your sad, but you were the one to drop your grape in the toilet and you may not eat it.
-Get the firetruck out of your pants.
-Gav, can you wipe the puke on the floor, I'm just gonna get the puke down my shirt and then we can play a game.
-You can't go poop off the side of the deck, just pee.
-Get off my leg while I am making dinner or I won't let you hold onto it again!
-You both want to be Goliath? Doesn't anyone wanna be David?
-You wiped yourself? Let me check your bum.

Just a few that come to mind. I really need to be writing these down more often. They say kid's say the darndest things, but really...I think some of the sayings we utter as parents are just as ridiculous. All of the sudden, pee, poop and baby puke are no big deal and we chat about it as freely as we do the weather. All I can say is, I will be sad to see my kids grow up, but I will be ready to once again think it is abnormal to offer to check after they wipe!

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