Monday, May 23, 2011

A day not quite worth repeating was in fact a Monday. I decided, with nothing on the calendar, I was going to get stuff done. About 8:30, I decided we were going to be at the consignment store by 9:00 to consign the jumparoo that takes up an enormous amount of space and only serves to make Amanda scream. Got the kids packed and loaded and drove on down. Upon getting there I realize...oh yeah, my $96 in credit was stolen along with my wallet, so there will be no browsing. Lame. Chin up, at least I was second in line.
We make it through this relatively effortlessly, head to the fabric store to buy some fabric for a dress I want to make as a gift (with all the time I don't have). The boys are relatively good and Amanda is doing swell, considering we are about an hour past nap.
Get home, feed Amanda, lay her down and turn on a show so I can make the million phone calls I need to make (okay about 3, but it feels like a million when kids are around). I proceed. It is amazing what it takes to get to the dentist and get the van into the shop. I have to coordinate with about way too many people so that I can get my teeth cleaned and get a van to and from the shop (it is extremely hard to find someone available who has enough seats to take me and the kids all down to get the van when it's done...not to mention they never give you a firm time of pick up).
I then spend forever (about 45 minutes...which is WAY too much time for coupon hunting online) trying to find coupons online for the few items I need at the grocery store. I got these "doubler" coupons in my mom's newspaper and thought I'd try them. I have friends who are phenomenal at saving money this way. I come up with nothing! Finally I found a few items I could use (but are not on my list, of course) and decide to go with those, instead of just wasting these "golden coupons".
Reload the kids. We hit the bank and McDonalds. Not only did I succumb to the golden arches, but I actually fed some to Mandy. Oh how the mighty have fallen. My kids are spending the day in their carseats and eating french fries. Just wrong. I took them on a 2.5 mile hike this weekend and and making up for all that exercise in one foul swoop!
We head into Albertsons (where the special coupons are from..but where I barely ever shop) and start roaming the aisles looking for things. It is so hard when you aren't at one of your well known stores! The boys are actually being great, but my patience is wearing thin mom voice totally starts to kick in. Just about then Brayden says the magic words, "Potty! Potty!" Of course, why wouldn't he have to go when I am in the grubbiest store near me! Yuck.
Finish that and attempt to finish shopping. Out of the 7 coupons I printed to double, the store carried only 1 of the items. ONE! So lame. I wondered around forever to get jack squat that I needed! Not to mention, of course the items I want were not on sale and I got suckered into 10 for $10 on lunchables...and after I fed the kids McDonalds for lunch I couldn't believe I was buying them, but they just seemed so easy for picnics (that's the optimist in me, believing that somehow Washington is gonna turn itself around and get some sunshine again) and fell into my cart. So of course, I spent more than I wanted on items I didn't want. Grrrr.
Grumpy we get back in the car for our last errand. Signing the boys up for swim lessons. Manda poops. I had changed a poopy diaper before we left, so decided I didn't need a diaper bag. Awesome.
We get there...go to the front desk, get sent to the pool, back to the front desk. We are done. Go back to the van. It stinks like McDonalds and baby poop. Not a good combo, but representative of my day.
We are back home and Mandy has approximately 45 minutes to nap before karate. I cannot decide if I am proud of all that I got done, or disappointed at all I drug my kids through. Maybe a little of both. Some days it seems I am super mom and super bomb all in one. Either way, I think I will chalk this day up to one I choose not to repeat.

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