Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today I "worked"

Today i went to "work". A friend of mine who cleans houses needed help yesterday and today on a 5500 square foot house. A family was moving in and they wanted a pre cleaning. Just for reference, this house had it's own sports bar and theatre room (with reclining theatre rows, big screen, curtains and what not...crazy).
I left at 7:20 am in the morning and got home at 5:30. I was on my knees scrubbing much of the day. My back hurts, my legs hurt, my knees hurt, my everything hurts. I learned the wonders of water and vinegar and all they can clean and I learned that my house is probably very dirty, considering all the things I cleaned but never touch in my household (it's a good thing I have no blinds...I'd be screwed...those suckers are lame to clean!).
However, I did it all without a person on my leg. I peed when I wanted to. I actually sat down to eat my lunch! FOr that matter, I ate a lunch!!! When I cleaned something, it stayed clean. When I went into abother room, no one was yelling for me. When I drove in the car, I listened to the radio and had no "background music". It was different.
I will admit, I enjoyed a break from the norm. I enjoyed the relative quiet. I enjoyed "work".
But as much as I ache...I can tell you, I missed the "staying at home". I missed loading up the van for a trip to the grocery store and hearding the kids through the aisles. I missed helping little hands trace lines and cleaning the crayons off the table...with "help". I missed going to the park and tracking the boys while following Amanda around the toys...bending over awkwardly to help her from falling down. I missed the laughter at lunch time while the boys made faces and I continually went back and forth to the fridge to get more milk, more carrots and put away all the things trailed across the counter to make a lunch. I missed stuffing some crust in my mouth while moving to the couch for story time. I missed Mandy crawling into my lap anytime I sat down, Brayden's super snugs and Gavin reminding me "I love you mostest more mom". I missed cleaning off boots from outside dirt digging and giddy boys coming in to tell me about their excavations in the sideyard.
I missed my kids and all the well, work, that they are.

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