Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I found Jesus

So...about two days after decorating for Christmas, I turn around to find Jesus missing from the nativity scene. If this wasn't an amazing analogy to how most spend the Christmas season, I don't know what is. We spend all this time decorating listening to carols, getting ready to celebrate and about two days in are completely overwhelmed, with letters to write, presents to buy and wrap and lists to make on what we are bringing to all the holiday activities that fill the calendar...and somewhere in there, we lose Jesus.
I was really disappointed. We stopped and looked now and then, but he was no where. We prayed daily. Then one day, Shawn called a halt to all family activity and proclaimed a family search to find Jesus. We looked and looked and about 15 minutes in, back behind the photo albums in the side cupboard, I found Jesus!
We took him over to the nativity, set him between Mary and Joseph, faced the wisemen toward him and sat back in triumph. Then promptly turned and walked away, back into the chaos of the season.
I have to say...as disappointed as I was to have lost Jesus, I think I may be more disappointed that I found him. At least, when he was missing...I spent my time looking for Him. I was reminded of how much I need Him and I prayed daily about the importance of His place in the story. Once I found Him, I put Him in his place of honor, took Him for granted and went about my business, just assuming He'd be there when I needed Him.
I don't want to treat Jesus this way. He is a humble King who gave His life for me. I am trying to remember when I see Jesus in the nativity scene, to not just go about my business, because I know He's there. But to take time to thank God that He is there, that He was sent, and that He fulfilled His promise of reconciliation.
Oh Lord, forgive me for my expectations and ungratefulness of Your greatest gift and remind me that Jesus is right there, only because of Your great mercy and grace. Thank you, for helping me find Jesus...again!

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