Monday, April 15, 2013

To be like Gavin

Gavin is a large fan of money.  He likes to save money, he doesn't like to tithe (we make him give 10 percent of any money he's earned to the tithing jar), and he loves to talk about what he's going to get himself with his money.  It's hard to reason with a six year old, explain money, the pitfalls and the fact that it isn't everything...especially, when I struggle with the same issues.  (I would like to believe I am not quite as vocal about them).
Anyway...on Easter, our kids got some money in their Easter eggs and we collected it and put it into baggies for him.  As I was going to clean up, I handed Gav his bag and told him to go put it in his wallet.  He trotted back to his room and came out with the money still in hand.
(Before I go further, I need to mention, our family has signed up for Beat the Bridge, a walk to help cure diabetes.  We have been fundraising and explaining to the kids that the money will help to doctors, so they can cure four year old cousin Jamie.)
Gavin comes out, hands me the bag and says, "Mom, I want you to give this to the doctors so cousin Jamie can get better."
My heart swelled.  It's still swelling.  It was a few weeks ago now, but everytime I think about it, I am just so proud of my son and his heart.  This is a big deal for Gav and he was so gracious about it. 
Topping it off, was his trust that cousin Jamie would get better....that we have been praying, we're raising money and it will happen!  I love that! 
Lord, thank you for my sweet son Gavin...I hope I can learn to pray and believe and give like like him! 

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