Tuesday, June 22, 2010

potty training...we did it?

So, for those of you that have followed the blog, you may know that potty training Gav was a nightmare and something that made me realize, I was going to have to let my dream go of having a child follow "the rules" I had made about certain behaviors or attitudes. Sometimes, you just have to adjust according to your child, not have your child adjust according to you. I am happy to say he now confidently uses the potty, but we definitely took the long road.
Well, I decided, with baby "Sparky" on the way, we should at least give Brayden a concept of what it means to use the potty. Since the baby should be here in less than three months (which feels like forever at this point, but I know is certain to be much sooner than I think) I wanted to try and see how far we got. I figured, even if he just realized that pee goes in the potty and did it a few times, he could then practice while the baby was here and maybe, just maybe we could try again when the baby was about 4 months old and get Bray potty trained by three.
Now, I hadn't given up all hope that the "potty train in a day" theory would work and I decided to give it my all for two days and see where we were. Dad and Gavin left the house and Brayden and I spent the day in the kitchen. I pumped him full of juice (which he rarely gets, especially not without me completely watering it down) and threw some underwear on. He peed on every chair. My floor is much cleaner than normal, due to the amount of wiping I did.
However, come mid-day, we got it. He went in the potty and cried when I tried to take his "unerwares" in exchange for a diaper at naptime.
As of day two, he went in the potty all day, until two little accidents at night. I was shocked! And frankly a tad overwhelmed that it worked so well I'd have to stick with it. He loves his underware and he is actually pretty good at telling us he has to go. We still have accidents and I still have to do reminders a lot, but he's going. Once again, my kids teach me about expectations.
I am interested to see where we are by the end of the week. I am proud of the little guy. I am also interested to see how much our water bill is, seeing as Bray only seems to go when you let him flush the toilet!

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  1. Yay Bray Bray! That's great news. So glad it went better than you expected. Good thing you and I are good at having low expectations when it comes to things like this - so we can be surprised! :)