Friday, August 21, 2009

better than i thought

Today was a good day. I witnessed some great interactions with my boys:
  • I asked Gavin if he wanted to play play dough and his response was, "No, not really now mom, but thanks." vs. "No! I don't waaaant to!"
  • Gavin got a "Chewy" aka fruit snack for going potty and says, "Mom, we need some for my brother and friends to celebrate too." vs. "Miiiiine!"
  • Brayden found Gavin's special cars and brought them right over to Gavin. Vs. Finding the cars and running away with them.
  • Brayden sat on his chair and signed please and said "Dow" translation: down. vs. Standing up and screaming at the top of his lungs.
  • Gavin, in the middle of dinner says, "Thanks mom for the good dinner." Vs. "I don't like that."
  • Brayden picked up his shoes and toys and put them away when I asked vs. running away when I ask.
  • Gavin accidentally knocked his brother over and stopped to help him up vs. running right on top of him.
  • Gavin came to find me when the DVD player skipped vs. sitting in the TV room screaming and crying that it's broken.
There were actually quite a few more obedient, polite moments of today. I believe Gavin is truly learning to be thankful, he's catching on to the idea we've been teaching him that we celebrate with each other when someone succeeds...especially our family, they are both learning to help each other out, they are both learning to ask for help instead of screaming and whining, they are learning to obey and help out around the house...they are part of a team.
It's easy to see the negative things your children immitate. They pop right out at you. When your two year old udders, "Piece of junk" and your one year throws your keys across the room, because you tried to throw them in your purse, you realize quickly they will pick up on every little thing. You start to see those things more and more often. Sometimes you forget to look for the positive things you have been trying to instill.
The last few days I have seen some of the positives shine through. It started me looking for them and there are many a day, if I keep my eyes open and my attitude positive. It's so easy to see all the things they do wrong and all the work ahead of you. As parents we start to get discouraged. However, these little people who have lived only a year or two are catching onto sooo many good things too! And as parents I think we need to let up on ourselves sometimes, because, if we look closely, maybe we're doin' a better job than we thought!

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  1. Once again, an amazing entry! Thank you, once again, for sharing your journey!