Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gifts from God

Last night I went to the Triple Door...a venue in Seattle for different performances. My friend Dana and the band she used to be a part of, Late Tuesday, reunited to play once more. Along with the band, a good friend of my husband (well, and my friend too) Scott, painted on stage during the concert. There was a large turn out and my sister and I sat in the back, like any other customer, with our dinner and drink and enjoyed the concert and watching Scott do his thing.

As I sat there, I continued to get overwhelmed at how incredibly gifted these people are. Dana's music, her ability to play piano and turn what is in her heart into a song is amazing. And Scott, well his work has blown me away over and over again. The man has traveled the world sharing his art and it's awesome to see how the Lord has used it. I see these gifts and it's hard to believe that one person inherited so much talent. I get a bit can you have a bad day, when you are that good at something so cool?! But I know they do.

I remember the days in college sitting on the couch while Dana sat at the piano and we would discuss how homework, boys and life were all confusing. Now we have the conversations via cell phone, still similar, now it's just work, men and life that are confusing. I have heard Scott talk about how being on the road and touring with bands to do his art loses the glamor. I know his schedule is crazy and that there are times he has to pick up different jobs because art isn't the steadiest of matter how amazing it is.
I know for them it must get tiring at times...They continually go out there and perform, sharing their inside stuff. Singing and creating about what means the most to them. They both love the Lord and have committed their gifts to Him. Putting into song or creating a visual representation of the work God is currently doing in their lives. I cannot imagine how emotionally draining that could be, especially, because when they are done, they have to greet the crowds of people who all want to see them and be close to the gift. Not to mention, they both have personalities that everyone wants to be their friends (their facebook status alone proves this).

When I think about the truth of what these two do, I am overwhelmed once again, but this time, not by the talent they have been given. But by their willingness to use it. No matter the misconceptions people get about their lives, the emotional drain it takes on them, the inconvience of the schedule, the continual barrage of people wanting to be in their space, they have let God use them and continue to do so!

I have a memory of Dana singing me to sleep one night at my house...sweet music and laughter. I have a piece of art that Scott gifted to me (on his birthday of all days) is a powerful piece on the Cross. Both the memory and the art are precious to me, not just because they are from my friends, though that is dear to my heart as well. But because they remind me of people who have not run from God with their gifts, but they have run to matter the cost. And though my gifts may not be as apparent as theirs are, I know I am called to do the same. These two are living their lives as a reminder.

Lord, I pray that as they continue to work and perform, their audience sees Christ in them. I know I sure do! Thanks you two!

P.S. you can learn about these two at or

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