Thursday, August 27, 2009


I was determined not to do a big birthday for Gavin this year. I wanted low key and simple and so I decided to approach him with the subject. Typically, his idea of a good time is going to the movie store or shooting ice cubes across the kitchen bad could it be.
So, we asked Gavin what he wanted for his birthday....

Really? I mean Reeeeaaaallly? Does anything good happen at McDonalds? Isn't that the place we go out of desperation, not intentionally for a birthday! I thought I could avoid the golden arches for a fast food birthday awhile longer, I mean until at least 5! Apparently, the big golden "M" on the side of the road is a strong enough reminder to convince my little guy that a happy meal is the way to go. I hummed and hawed and finally humbled myself. I truly did NOT want to give my son greasy food and a play gym of germs for his birthday, but no matter how many times I asked, I got the same answer. And so, I finally sent out an invite to three mom's of Gavin's best little guy buddies. Arthur, Koen & Isaac could all make it and the plans were set.

And I am happy to was awesome! Not only did we have the whole play structure to ourselves (which was super nice so Brayden could play without getting annihilated) but it had been sanitized the night before...BONUS! (You gotta wonder about these places and hearing a little bleach happened the day before can only do a mom's heart good.) The boys got along fabulously, the happy meal toy was a car, which fell into theme with our little gift bags and the boys LOVED getting their very own ice cream cones. Gavin loved his presents, oohed and ahhed over them, with lots of, "Oh wow," "Oh thank you," and "Mom, look at it mine?" He kept talking about how his friends were with him and showing us how his thumb could hold his pinky now to make a three, cuz ,"my fingers are old enough to do it now."

At the end of the night, we were buckling him in the car and he looks at me with the biggest grin and says, "Mom, what a great night!" It was and much to my shock it all happened at a McDonalds. I'd like to take a moment to thank Ronald and to thank my son...who at three, has simple taste and a very thoughtful and thankful heart! You are a delight Gavin! Thanks for reminding me a few friends and some ice cream is really all you need!

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