Thursday, December 10, 2009

The "fit"

Yesterday, we were driving home from Gavin's "Cubbies" program and Gavin announces, "I don't want to go home and take a night night, I want to watch a show and have a snack."
"Gavin, it's way past bedtime. We are going home to go night night."
I hear a mumbled, "No". I choose to ignore it. It grows louder, "NO." Still ignoring. Then I proceed to hear Gavin grunting and twisting and attempting to throw a fit in his car seat. It was hilarious. You'd hear "Argh!" "Ummmph" "Errrr" accompanied by harsh twists and punches to the arm rests. Oh the drama.
I sang along with the Christmas carols, pretending not to hear him, all the while trying so hard to keep from laughing. Why the child thought throwing a fit while sitting in a restraining device was a great plan, I'm not sure...I'll chalk it up to being three. When his dramatics did not produce the desired effect, he proceeded to throw a toy on the ground. And then another. Finally, due to lack of participation on my part Gavin declares,
"Moooom, I'm throwing a fit." At least he was trying to. It was the weakest fit I've ever seen, but the effort was good.
"Yes, I know. And if you continue, you'll be punished when you get home and go straight to bed."
"Hmph." Silence.
"Mom, I'm done. Maybe I'll just have a snack and take a night night, that'd be good?"
Apparently, when desired drama doesn't work we move straight to negotiation.
"Maybe Gavin. We'll ask Dad."
I move straight to passing the buck.

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