Friday, December 18, 2009

Naptime...whose time is it anyway?

So...Brayden fell asleep while out on errands today. I look in the review and see the head to the side, eyes closed and panic sets in. "No, no, no! Wake up Bray! Brady! Look...I see a garbage truck...LOOK BRAY!" No movement. Nothin'.
I proceed to turn up the music and stretch my hand back to wiggle his foot as best I can. Still...out like a light! SHOOT!
It wouldn't have been that big a deal, if we were going home, but we weren't. We still had to stop at Shawn's school to deliver the gifts Gavin had made for the office staff. I had promised him. As is, I pulled up to the school and I notice tons of cars pulling in and look up to see the reader board alerting me, "Holiday Concert 1:15." I look down at the clock...1:10. Oh sheesh!
So, out we go, waking up Brayden and hoping upon hope, that we can even find daddy. We do. He's busy. We try to deliver some of our gifts without being too much of a nuisance. Invited to the concert, I take the boys thinking maybe it'll wear Brayden down again. It's a no go. After one song and a bike give away, Gavin is doin' the potty dance and Brayden is trying to escape.
Back through the office and to the van. Gavin looks ready to fall on his face, though he is insisting "I no need a night night." Brayden, he looks ready to take on the world. UGH!
So, here I sit in the office, attempting to ignore the thump thump thump of Brayden in the pack and play and an occasional "Maaaaama!" at the other end of the house. I don't want him to be awake. This is not the day I was supposed to have. This time is mine. Mine, mine, mine!
The books say sleep is important to children. It helps them to function and behave better. The reality is, their sleep time helps me to function and behave better. I am not sure what to do, I'm considering earplugs...because if a child is in the other room supposedly napping and no one is around to hear him...he must be napping, right?

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