Monday, March 22, 2010

This weekend

In order to accomidate for the new baby (yes, for those who don't know yet, I am a little over 14 weeks pregnant) I decided the boys room must be painted. (The boys have bunkbeds now...still in the boxes...which are espresso, the crib and changing table are white and well, frankly, it wasn't going to go with the crazy blue that coated their walls.) This meant that we moved the kids and I out for the weekend and Daddy painted, and painted and painted.
We went to stay with Mimi and Papa. The boys were in heaven. Gavin got to play in their gravel pathway with diggers and spent hours moving pebbles from here to there. He wouldn't set the digger down for fear, "Brayden might want to take this and I am working here." He drug it with him and was in his happy place.
Brayden is obsessed with Papa and his guitars. At one point, he got into the music room, grabbed the guitar by the neck and drug it across the house, down the hall and into Papa's room to ask for a song. I am suprised my dad didn't have a heart attack on the spot. Fortunately, I was spared replacing the $1,200 stringed instrument, seeing as Brayden managed to keep it from hitting a wall (Praise the Lord) but I did have to keep a closer eye on the little sneak!
Both the boys got to practice their ABC's on the microphone's, dance to Faraone family favorites and Gavin convinced Papa to sing "Go Tell it on the Mountain" at least 20 times.
Brayden is also obsessed with "Rawphy" aka Ralph, my parents cat. The amusing part of this is that, Brayden is terrified of furry animals. However, he would climb the stairs, run to my parents room and climb up on the bed to peek at Ralph, on his little cat bed. He loved sneaking peeks and seeing how close he could get. The minute Ralph made a move to be petted, Bray would jet away and tell the kitty, "Dop!". Brayden most definitely didn't want to be touched by the cat. (One brave time, with Gavin by him, he did stroke Ralph, but it was short lived.) Up and down the stairs we would go, in search of the cat, checking on his sleep habits.
The boys had such a great time. I will admit to being a tad tired, but I couldn't be more grateful for a family who works so hard to accommodate me and who love my boys so dearly. I really do have great parents. My boys are tiring and they are good sports. I also have a great husband, who didn't get to see his boys, but made sure their room was ready for them to come back to. As Gavin said this morning, "Do I get to keep the paint?"
"Yes, Gavin."
"Oh good, my room looks very pretty."
Good job Dad! And, thanks Mimi and Papa!

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  1. I want to see a picture of the new room! And I am glad to hear that you are hanging in there. My thoughts and prayers are with you!