Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Not abused

My sons have an abused look about them lately. What is it with boys? It's like they attract corners, hard objects and anything that may cause their skin to turn interesting shades of blue, purple and yellow! I usually feel like I am pretty protective about not doing dangerous things, but these kids seem to have a magnatism for accidents.
Brayden is currently sporting a black eye...from a fall I did not witness, but did hear from the other room. (There is a suspicion here that a certain older brother was involved, however no confirmation.) He also has some lovely bite marks (confirmed: from afore mentioned older brother) on his arm and a lovely new purple bump developing on his head from a fall taken at church today (witnesses were there to attest, it was not from lack of parenting, but merely an accident). Gavin is finishing off a black eye, from a run in with the car door (also witnessed by friends) and both children have shin bruises that I can only say come from being little boys. (I am slightly suspicious that it may have something to do with how they climb the bunk bed ladders and use their shins as resting spots.)
I am considering having Brayden wear his helmet on all occasions and just carrying ice packs with me wherever we go. The good news is...our pictures were taken last month. Bruise free. This is me finding a bright side.

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