Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A small tribute to consistancy

My children have been cleaning up after themselves. It started with Gavin. I told him it was time for lunch and miraculously heard, "Just a minute mom, I want to put my train set away." Huh?
"Uh, okay, Gav. Great idea! Way to go!"
The last week, he has been relatively consistant on wanting to clean up his room for me. So much so, that I actually had to stop him, so he could just get in bed for nap time.
Catching on to the obscene amount of praise I am doling out for this act, Bray has started putting his things "way". Before nap, he will run and find a toy to put "way." Or after book reading run and put his books back. It's awesome!
Considering that there are many moments this blog is a journey of the crazy ideas my kids have or wild adventures they take me on...I decided, I would give a shout out to when things work. Here it is! Waa-hoooo!!!!

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