Friday, October 15, 2010

5 weeks old and counting

Amanda is five weeks old now and life has settled down into a routine. It actually settled far faster than I anticipated. I think, for me, number three just added a bit more juggling to the chaos that is life with toddlers. It wasn't the huge transition I was anticipating. It's been good.
We have had our moments. Amanda has reflux and whereas, Gavin and Brayden were huge on the spitting up, she takes it to a new level. She would do it in her sleep, choke on it, soak herself and wake us all up. I did finally succumb to medication and it's helping. She has always been a pretty routine eater and sleeper, but the last week, with the medicine she has kicked it into high gear and has slept consistently 5 hours a time at night. Last night we got six! Wahoo!!! Needless to say, this has mommy feeling better too (:
She is quite the trooper, keeping up with the family and going where we need to go. Yesterday, the kids and I all trooped out to Gavin's make up soccer game in the pouring down rain. It was awesome (insert sarcasm here). Amanda in the front pack, Brayden in his rain jacket, me holding the ginormous umbrella (which is quite heavy) in one hand and a Starbucks in the other. Afterwards, we trooped back to the van and stripped down all our muddy clothes, boots, rain gear etc. Through all of this she didn't udder a peep. Now dealing with the wet, cranky 4 & 2 year olds was a different issue altogether, but Amanda was little work in the whole process. Like I said...there would be chaos with or without her. We are glad it's with her.
She is finally getting to be a bit more alert and even smiling every now and then. When they are open, she has wide eyes and they look promising to be as blue as the boys'. She is quite the charmer when she wants to be. I see a lot of Gavin in her, but when she pouts, she has a very Brayden like expression. It is fun to see the resemblance.
The boys are quite taken with her. Bray is still a bit rough around the edges, just wanting to be involved and well, Gav is in love with her. He'd hold her all the time if he could and is constantly asking if her eyes are open. If they are, he is right there talking to her. Quite sweet. (His behavior to other people has been terribly rude and naughty lately, but with his sister, he seems to have a special soft spot.)
Well, that's the baby update for now. I want to get back into blogging, as it is my goal to have some sort of record for the kids of their growing years. I have a feeling it will be a tad more sporadic now, but hopefully they'll have something to look back on. And Brayden...if you read this later in life, I want you to order to type even this much...our kitchen table just got colored on and decoupaged with Thomas stickers thanks to you. I love you're gonna get in trouble!

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