Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Calling it good

Now, with three, we are settling into a little routine. What I am finding with this routine is that there is little time for mommy and what time mommy does have, she is more likely to plop down in front of the TV, read a book, or fall into bed, than to attempt productivity. Overall, however, we are getting the essentials taken care of. Here are a few of the things we are proud of:
-We can get out the door and to appointments by 8:15 am if necessary.
-I have managed to refinance the house and take bids on and order a new furnace within the last two weeks. This means lots of paper work, phone calls and appointments, all without locking the children up to accomplish it (:
-We have all (including mom and dad) made it to the Dr. at least once if not twice in the last two weeks and I have remained relatively positive and sympathetic.
-I think I have finally managed to correct the craziness with our medical benefits and I have successfully saved myself money by calling and discovering I do NOT in fact have to pay the bills!
-I have written up meal plans/recipies/ and grocery lists for up to four weeks
-I have exercised every morning for 10 days in a row (for those that know my laziness tendencies, this is a miracle unto itself)
-Brayden has been wearing underwear out of the house and staying dry!
-Amanda has been sleeping through the night for the last week and a half...YEE-HAW!

Here are some of the things that have fallen to the wayside:
-The bathroom has been cleaned once in the last three or four weeks
-Not only have I been reheating old coffee, just to get some, I find myself using whatever to stir in the creamer. Today it was the medicine syringe, yesterday the end of a ballpoint pen.
-The children are not bathed as often as they used to be...I refuse to count the days anymore (I believe this task falls exponentially with each child)
-Last night we told our son who was crying to brush his teeth, that he couldn't...yes we are that desperate to get them into bed.
-I have started to let Brayden play with playdough all by himself...this is huge for my cleanliness issues.
-I haven't changed the kids sheets in forever and when Gav had a wet night I actually considered leaving them on, because they weren't that wet...only for a second though, but still, YUCK!
-I have been sporting a mom ponytail that I am not proud of, far more frequently than I would like.

All in all, I think the pluses are outweighing the minuses. I think it's going well. I am sad I have not found as much time to document their progress. I am lucky the pictures have been uploaded, but not developed for a long long time. I don't get on this here blog nearly as often as I'd like and Amanda's scrapbook...oh wait, I haven't even gotten her one yet! But the kids usually have smiles, and are clothed, fed and loved on a daily basis. I"m calling it good! Here are some recent pics...

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