Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I will...

So...needless to say, the updates are coming less frequently. I am lucky to get my e-mail checked on the computer, let alone a blog entry! I used to be the mom who uploaded, edited and sent pictures to the printer once a month and I am on such a backlog, my type A anxiety is starting to catch up with will I ever get caught up?
Here is the conclusion I have come to: I won't. I won't ever be done with laundry, I won't ever have all the dishes/toys/clothes put away, I won't ever walk through the house without finding a renegade hotwheel, I won't ever have all the bibs or burp clothes smelling fresh at one time. I won't have all my thank yous written in a one day turn around time, I won't have a home cooked meal every night (or possibly every other night), I won't be able to wash my hair every day, I won't have our living room free from toys and I won't have my van floor as clean as I'd like.
All these things when written down, seem a tad petty and not necessary at all. However, on a daily basis, when they all add up and stare at me, I can get quite overwhelmed. However...I am making it a goal to try and think of all the things that I will (or will at least try to) do instead.
I will play with my kids. I will read books, I will take advantage of the sun when it's shining and go on matter how short. I will laugh with my children and be silly. I will compliment my kids and husband. I will work hard to teach my kids right and wrong, to be humble, gentle, patient and to love one another. I will work hard to not raise my voice in frustration. I will teach my kids to sing loud and often, even if they are tone deaf like their mom and I will have dance parties with them. I will spend time taking mental pictures of my baby and enjoying her life that is flying by, because she is my last and is already so big! I will pray. I will pray. I will pray.
It's hard as a mom to look past the "to-do list" and think of all that is not getting done. At least it is for me. But it is a resolution, that I am going to at least try. I will try.

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