Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Double the puking double the fun

Gavin's asthma flared up again and I have to laugh at how far I have come.  Here's the scenario....
Gavin caught a cold.  With this his asthma kicked in and we were up most of Friday night and all Saturday night (okay, so we got approximately 4 hours of interrupted sleep, but it felt like all night, between the nebulizing, the showers and the coughing until puking).  Finally, I called the oncall specialist and got the dosage of Prednisone to give him.  I probably should have called sooner, but we are pumping so much into his system anyway, I just hate to throw a huge steroid on top of it.  But, realistically, the kid needs to breath a this really does help quickly.  So...three tsp. of Prednisone, which taste HORRIBLE.  He spits half of it into his apple juice and Shawn makes him drink it down.  This is about an hour before bedtime and well, he is just zipping ready to go with all that in him.  So of course, he stays up later than normal.  (Meanwhile, Shawn and I are on our faces).
Finally...sleep, blessed sleep...
11pm Amanda wakes up crying (this never happens)
12 am Amanda wakes up crying (this really never happens)
1 am Amanda is crying (what the heck!?)

Morning finally rolls around.  I'm tired.  They are tired.  Gavin needs
 more Prednisone. I set them up with breakfast and get the tsp full of medicine.  Gavin gets up from the table and runs away.  I literally chase him down, while he's screaming.  Truly, I don't blame the kid, but in the end...a boy's gotta breathe.  I pin him down and put it in his mouth.  I could tell he was gonna spit it out (the kid holds it in his mouth, which only makes it worse).  I tell him he has to swallow or we do it all again...then quickly provide him with some apple juice and two candy corns (my kids LOVE those...I figured they would be a treat).  He eats them, still crying.  Then the coughing starts.  He coughs so hard he gags, then he turns...looking me straight in the eye and pukes it all over the floor.  From the corner of the room, Brayden looks over and yells, "Make him stop!" and starts to cover his mouth.
"Gavin," I say with a sigh.  He looks at me again, takes a step back and pukes again.
"Ahhh," I hear Bray as he begins to sympathy puke.
"Eww, gucky" Apprently Amanda needed to chime in her two cents.
Much to my credit, at this point I am actually finding this humorous.  Waste of some good candy corn.
I tell Bray to remove his pajamas and leave the kitchen until it's cleaned up (seeing as he's still gagging with his hand over his mouth and intermittently yelling "Moooom, get it gone!" I figure it's best he be removed from the situation.)  That kid never obeyed and got dressed so fast.  That part was a true highlight of the morning. 
Gavin changed his clothes, Mandy happily ate her breakfast and I proceeded to clean up the puke.  I hadn't even had my coffee yet.  At this point I was considering just filling the sink up with it and dunking my head in. 
I can say the rest the day went smoother...if you consider Preschool drop offs and pick ups where my kids are informing everyone they puked that morning, Dr. appointments with crazy two year olds and a hundred dollars worth of steroids and medications smooth.  In light of the fact that my son got a new med that did not instigate a wrestling match or puking, stopped coughing to the point of gagging, proceeded to sleep through the night and could inhale properly, I have officially decided...smooth enough for me.
This was all done by 11:30 am.  I used to think I got a lot accomplished in a day.  But then I didn't use to be a mom.  If you looked at the house, my car or my hair for that matter, you'd wondered what in the world I had done all morning. But in the end, crazy hair and all, I felt accomplished.  We had lunch, I put all the kids down and I was so thankful for the opportunity to be these kid's mom.  To laugh at the puke, to get excited over a new medicine that "tastes great" and to walk over the mess that is all over the house, to tuck their tired little heads into bed. 
Don't get me wrong, some days that go like this, I want to run screaming from the house.  But on this one, I was just thankful that God gave me the opportunity to be the mom who takes care of them.

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