Friday, October 5, 2012


It's that time of year again.  The leaves are turning.  The air is crisp.  The dew falls in the morning and the sun has been greeting us to shine it's light on this beautiful scene.  Oh and my kid's coat sleeves are covered with slug like trails, along with my pant leg at knee hight and usually my left shoulder. And let's not forget the beautiful sight and feel of my pockets and countertops that are littered with crinkled, soggy kleenex full of yellow snot. 
That's right's dripping out of all three little noses (fortunately, I already kicked this cold) and it's like a big ol' snot party over here.  I am not sure when I became accostumed to the yellow stuff, but I realized today, as I wiped a nose with my bare hand without flinching, that something was off.  When did that become normal
I supposes it falls into the long list of things that become normal.  Cheering when someone does a great poop. Considering three crusts and the left over apple slice lunch.  Statements like, "No your stuffed animals don't need suntan lotion" and "Would you please put the ranch dressing back, we don't need it in your backpack to go camping."  All these seem slightly abnormal standing alone, but in the average day, you are bound to cross something that previously would have made you pause, if not do a complete double take.  But no longer.  Now, wiping snot on my hand or pant leg (if necessary mind you) is normal. 
I suppose that's parenting all around.  Finding out that normal isn't really what you once thought it was.  Frankly, I decided today, that if I ever met a parent who was what I used to consider "normal", I'd probably think they are weird.  But then again, I'd be the lady with the trail of snot on my shoulder...who am I to judge.

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