Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Favorite sayings as of late

Me:  What should amanda be when she grows up?
Gav:  Hmmm, maybe a police officer.  You know all the naughty things she does?  Well, she'll know what the bad guys are doing and she can catch 'em.

Bray:  Mom, do you have Jake's number?
Me:  Jake who?
Bray:  Jake and the Neverland pirate Jake.
Me:  No, he's not one of my contacts.
Bray:  (big sigh)

Amanda:  My dance, cha cha dance.  My dance Cha Cha dance.  (Cha cha being her word for Gavin)

Gavin:  My toe is bleeding...owwwwww!  (it was nothing)
Me:  You're fine
Gav:  I need a band aid.
Me:  No you don't.
Gav:  I dooooooooo!  (Bray runs from the room and returns)
Bray, holding out a band aid:  Here Gav.
Me:  Where'd you get that?
Bray:   My rescue backpack.
Me, resigning myself to a bandaid for a non issue, just cuz he's was thoughtful:  That's nice, Bray.
Bray:  Nope, it's just what rescue men do.

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