Sunday, February 24, 2013

"God's Song"

Brayden recently asked Jesus to come live in his heart.  It is something we are excited about and rejoice over.  It is something we are also amazed by.  This is a kid who used to tell us Jesus is a bad guy and was a general punk when any mention of God came about.  We have seen him opening up, but more recently, we have just seen a sweet softening of his heart and his spirit. 
He is frequently stopping conversation to ask to pray.  He is talking more openly about God.  But the most endearing and frequent thing he does is burst into his God Songs.  THey are just songs he makes up.  A mish mash of songs we sing, songs from church, songs from the radio.  One might go something like this:
God you love us
we love you
we know you know we love you
you are a baby Jesus, newborn
King God you know love
Praise God
They are sung in a very high octave with no familiar melody or anything that one might try to catch onto.  (If by a far off chance he does ever become famous...I am saving this video for his first stint on a talk's fantastic).
Anyway...this morning, I hear Brayden in his room.  Usually he runs straight to the TV room to see if he can catch a show before breakfast, but I just hear this high pitched something.  Concerned that something is wrong, but not so concerned as to get out from under my warm covers, I yell...
"Bray, are you okay?"
"What are you doing?"
"Just singing my God songs"
I was struck with amusing humbleness.  Amused by my mistaking the "God song" for a hurt son and humbled by his innocent and pure offer of praise.  I love that my four year old little guy started his day, praising God, loud and proud, with his own God song. 
Oh what we can learn from my little man.  I think if he had lived in the way back when, he would have had a psalm or two in the good book.  Good, bad, disappointed, Bray is unashamed to take it to prayer or in a high pitched, on key/off key, loud or whispered, original, "God Song".

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