Monday, October 19, 2009

Go Fish Guys

"Great music that won't make parents bonkers"...a worthy goal!

So, when I was a Children's Director, I went to a Chilcren's Pastor's conference in San Diego and heard this group sing named, "Go Fish". I loved them. Bought their CDs for each Preschool classroom and even listened to them in my office (much to the mockery of my beloved co-worker Ryan...who I believe secretly liked them but wouldn't admit it or wouldn't listen long enough to admit it). I LOVED them.
We have the two CDs for my kids and the other night at a friend's house, her husband was all excited to share with us some great new kids music they he loved. Go Fish! They had new CDs out!!! The best part...if you bought one for $15 dollars, you could buy as many more as you wanted for only $5 and get free shipping....
This is a dream come true for people like me (frugal, cheapskate, whatever you want to name it)! I was so excited. I got Christmas presents for my neice and nephew (CARMEN and buying these CDs). And I got our own family some new CDs.
Seriously, this music is so fun to listen to and it's got great lyrics...some Bible, some kids songs you already know, but done in a non-annoying way, and some new. They are great. And they try to make their music affordable by counting on mom's to advertise for them.
I am doing my part. I recommend them whole heartedly and thank God for them frequently on car trips. Well done good and faithful Go Fish guys!!!

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  1. Thanks for recommending the GoFish Guys music. I checked it out and it does sound good and not too kiddy like. I think I'm going to order one for my friend. Just as you said, great Christmas gift! Thanks.