Friday, October 2, 2009


DAY 1: A tray filled with rice for Gavin's diggers to play with is spilled all over the floor. Rice kernals were everywhere...everywhere!
Re-entry into mothering after 5 days off is harsh!
I went to a MOPS (Mother's of Preschoolers) conference in Nashville, TN and had a wonderful time. Five days with some great ladies and being responsible only for myself (well...unless you count some airport screw-ups...but that is another long story). Anyway...I loved it. Not only did God use the time to build friendships and help me grow, but He also told me to rest. I am NOT a rester. But I did. I took time to breathe, be refreshed and be poured into.
And then I came home.
Before I start in, I need to make sure to clear my husband of any false charges. My husband...who, by the way, is a superhero, ended up quite sick while I was gone and stayed home from work, with the boys. He sounded awful every time I talked to him, but always was positive and encouraging me to enjoy my time. He really is a wonderful man...and much less of a pouter than I am. I believe I would not have been so gracious, under the circumstances. (He even changed the sheets and had the laundry done when I arrived...yes, he's that good.)
So why the harsh re-entry? My three year old challenges every request I have of him. He runs from me, throws himself on the ground and hucks things across the room. (Some of you who know him may not believe this, but it's true...and it's aggravating). I am not sure what to do with him. I feel like I am continually on his case! I am looking for things to praise, but unless you count peeing on the wood floor instead of the carpet, I have nothing to offer at this point.
It's been hard. I want to praise him. I want good for him. I tell him this over and over. I tell him I love him. I tell him my heart is sad when he's sad, but to no avail. I have spent extra time with just him, but still...he finds something to be contrary about. The whining is non stop and the high pitch crying has me considering duct tape as a parenting tool.
Beyond that...the kids have taken to trailing toys about the house and are NOT listening when I ask them to put them away. They are also quite into throwing every pillow off the couch and rearranging the kitchen chairs. I don't know why they think this is okay...but they are not on HGTV and I am not going to follow after their redecorating techniques to rearrange everything 14 times a day. It's getting old. And neither of them listens, no matter how often I make them put things back. ARGH!
Oh, and did I mention there was no food left in the house and no time to get to the about creative cooking! Even Martha would have been proud of what I pulled together this week so that we could survive.
The break was needed, because I don't know if my last nerve would have made it through this week without the regrouping session. However, next time I go away, I may need to have some sort of counselor set up for the re-entry into Motherhood. After having a maid service, food purchased, peeing all alone and spending my time and money on me...all I can say is, it's a good thing I think their cute!

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