Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sweet boy

Yesterday, we went to a retirement home with some friends and their children to deliver cards and cookies to the residents. The kids were in their costumes and Gavin tromped from room to room with salutations,
"I'm Gavin. I'm a farmer. Brayden's a CHICKEN! What's your name?"
"Happy Halloween."
He LOVED it. He happily went on his way, chatting it up with the residents and looking at me to make sure he handed out his cards if the people didn't get one from another child. He was quite disappointed when he ran out of cards and even took some of Brayden's when Brayden got sidetracked.
I was honestly a tad surprised to see him do so well. I guess I was expecting a bit more hesitation, but I am learning Gavin is quite the people person and very good one on one. He loves to talk with people, likes to find out "how you doing?" and loves to share the news he learns. He is sweet and sincere in his care of "his people" and genuinely enjoys meeting new friends.
It is fun to see this little personality emerge and it challenges me to find ways to grow this sweet spirit I see developing. I want to find ways for him to use his gifts and share his heart with those around him, since he seems so excited to do so. But it is hard to explain to a three year old that we can't buy trains for every person we go visit (this is his new suggestion everytime we go see a friend) and mommy doesn't always have cookies on hand to share. We'll figure it out, though.
Towards the end of our time at the retirement home, Gavin went to an elderly lady who was trying to coax Brayden over (my chicken had gone wild at this point) and Gavin took her hand. They chatted for a bit and then he leaned in to hug her and said, "I love you." The woman started to cry and whispered "I love you too." It was so simple and so refreshing and I was so proud of my little boy. I hope his heart stays this compassionate, I am going to look for opportunities to make it so!
Thank you Lord, for reminding me how sweet parenting can be!

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