Thursday, October 8, 2009

A real update

Somewhere there is time to catch up, but I have not found it. I am not sure where all the time has gone, especially since I am no longer watching Logan (his daddy got laid off, therefore so did I) and I thought I would have so much more time to do things. Instead the boys and I have seemed to fill it up!
We are really doing quite well overall.
Gavin is really starting to hold down longer conversations, which are both insightful and laughable. He loves to talk (much like his mom) and we are working hard on "the interrupt rule". He tells jokes, can tell you lots of Bible verses he is learning in Cubbies (accompanied by the over-dramatic hand gestures I have added to the verses to help is awfully cute). He loves to talk on the phone (again like mom) and frequently asks to call friends. He has figured out what a "favorite" is and his are: movie store, garbage trucks, teacher tami, koen and isaac. Gavin has taken to his big brother role lately, encouraging Brayden with "Good job!" and "Can you say ____? Come on Bray Bray, let's try." It is sweet and we are very much trying to encourage this behavior in him. (Especially since the other option is usually fighting.)
He is pretty much potty trained...but still not liking it. We have also entered a whole new level of willfulness and tantrum throwing. He definitely has bumped it up a notch and will defiantly look me in the eye and say "NO!". Therefore, there are a lot more time outs and punishments doled out lately. But overall, he is a hugging, loving, encouraging little boy who wants to please!
Brayden is our stout little bundle of joy. He is so full of laughter and loves to find ways to make you smile. His vocabulary is growing, as is his independence. He wants to do things himself and shouts with glee when he does something new. He also likes to try things that are not for him...currently his favorites are the ipod and dvd player. He will go for it, looking directly at you to see if the punishment is still the same and run away smiling if you come at him. He knows exactly what he is doing and it is so hard not to laugh as he is taught his lesson. I have a feeling, the older he gets, the less funny this will become.
Brayden loves his walking toy that is an airplane. He would push it around the house all day if we let him. He also loves to hide things in the seat of the airplane (it lifts up and has a little storage space for some shape blocks that came with it). We have found blankies, cell phones and milk cups in here on various occasions. If it is important to him, this is the first place he tends to put things. He takes his airplane and airplane cubbie very seriously and gets quite irritated when anyone tries to put it away or consider removing his treasures from the cubbie.
Brayden loves his brother and they are finally starting to play together a bit. This has been fun to watch, even if it only lasts three minutes. The laughter is priceless. The arguments, not so much. But overall, they are starting to act like friends and I am praying for ways to foster this!
Shawn is still working at Discovery and enjoying himself. He is an amazing dad and I am so grateful for the time he takes to teach and play with our boys. He has dedicated every Saturday morning to taking one of the boys swimming. This is their special time with daddy and they love it! Dad is definitely the "fun guy" around here, but he is also the one you don't mess with. Our sons really are blessed to have this man and so am I!
Shawn recently negotiated for us to get a van! He did such a great job and got us a 2004 Toyota sienna with only 38,000 miles on it. The best part is, he is not ashamed to drive it and is so excited (I think he was a bit tired of cramming his 6'2 frame into a Toyota echo)! So we are officially one of those families...but we are happy about it. I am already getting used to being called a soccer mom, however neither of my kids play soccer. We'll see.
Me? I am enjoying this season of life, minivan and all. There are many challenges to this season for Shawn, me and the boys, but if I can step back for the perspective, I know this is a season I will miss terribly, once it has passed. Even though both the boys are in a definite period of pushing boundaries, exerting their will, and challenging authority, they still think I am number one and look to me for security, love and assurance. I wouldn't trade it. I will admit there are days I have to remind myself to enjoy it, but I am glad to be here.
So that is about it on the Ryan front. A real update. Probably outdated by tomorrow, but current for the time being!

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