Monday, June 14, 2010

Things I'll Miss

So, as I am going through this mothering journey, there are things that happen on a daily basis that I lately I have been thinking to myself, "someday I'll be done with this." Some of these things are the things I keep waiting to be done with (like whining, wait...I think I still whine to my mom) others are just things that come naturally with the boy's reminding the boys to wash their hands before meals and after a potty stop. Here are just a few things that have caught my attention as of late:
-Stepping on hotwheels, after I thought we put them all away
-Having Brayden's feet run into my room in the morning (after I have yelled from bed that he can come find me) and his little face climbing up next to me at 6:30 am, whispering "bekfast, mama?"
-Heading out into a parking lot or sidewalk and automatically holding my hand behind me to have Gavin take it
-Finding marbles in my slippers and other various obscure locations
-Having to remind the kids not to squeeze the juice boxes to avoid the squirt in the face
-Picking up Brayden's shoes off the floor of the van and removing his socks from his hands, because he likes to play sock puppets every time we drive
-Pretending I am buzz lightyear as we all hold hands and jump off the fireplace yelling, "to infinity and beyond" in our superman shirts (yes, I own a superman shirt and I think Gavin thinks the capes on their pajamas makes them like buzz light year...i don't get it, I just go with it)
-Having babywipes at my disposal for all sorts of great uses
-Answering the question "why" or "what" a million times a day, because my child thinks I know everything (which I do...of course)
-Tying shoes
-Zipping coats
-Cutting up food
-Having my children believe three skittles does count as a dessert
-Reminding Gavin, at least once a week, that he is too young to drive
-Lifting the kids in and out of the grocery carts
-Having macaroni be a "special favorite" meal
-Having spontaneous hugs to my legs all day long, from Brayden, who just randomly seems to decide he needs to love someone
-Having Gavin insist he can't go to bed because he forgot to kiss me good-night

I am not sure why the melancholy has set in. Maybe it's because Gavin is getting taller, he's thinning out, running faster and needing me less and less. I see a kid instead of a little boy. Brayden is growing up so much faster than Gav, with a big brother to watch. He is so independent and no longer a baby, trying to dress himself, get his shoes and hat on and opening doors to go, far before I am ready. No matter what the source, I suppose it has helped me in these past rainy weeks of grumpiness. Trying to appreciate these little guys I have and be grateful for the sometimes irksome, but in the end, endearing little things. I am trying to store in my heart, because someday they will cease to exist.
Well, who knows, maybe macaroni will always be a "special favorite" and not a last resort? We can always hope.

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