Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Doin' good

Life has been busy! Shawn has been working lots and it seems with all these "endings" the schedule is filling up...graduations, wedding showers, retirement parties, birthday parties, etc., etc. Good, but tiring.
The boys have been growing up a great deal and I am starting to see Brayden become a big boy and Gavin become a "kid". Bray is using mini sentances...the most common being, "I have it." He is also getting down the singing, though he loves to make up his own songs and march around, his favorite by far is Happy Birthday. Gav is starting to learn the fine art of negotiation. A common retort to me saying, I don't think so is..."Well, mom, we can always check and see." My personal favorite is, "Okay, let's just talk about it later." Hoping that maybe then I'll agree. It's all I can do not to laugh.
Not much new with me. I got away for a three day weekend, courtesy my mom. She treated both my sister and I to a retreat and it was AWESOME! I missed my boys terribly though and after a day and a half back, I am not entirely sure where my head was. (Just kidding...they are cute and I love them.)
Shawn's work is winding down. Two more days as a dean, a week or two more left with the summer school job and of July first he is down to one job, as a principal! Wahoo! We keep meaning to go celebrate, but thus far our schedules are packed with celebrating others. I think we are looking forward to July for that one!
Beyond that, no real news. As Gav says, we're "doin' good." I'm happy with that!

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