Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Be careful little ears what you hear...big mouths what you say

Gavin is getting older and as he does here are some of the things I hear,
"What in the world?"
"Uh oh is right!"
"That is sooooo frusrating" (t, purposely left out)
"Oh listen to the music, here's where it kicks in....yeeeeahhhhh!"
He is starting to pick up more and more and I am having to learn to be more and more careful about what little ears hear. 
Yesterday in the car, we were listening to a mixed CD with Katy Perry's "Raise your glass" and there is a line, something about "dirty little freaks" that Gavin caught.
"Mom, what's a freak?".
"Ummm...well, uh, I guess it's kinda like saying weird."
"Oh, so if something is weird we can call it a freak."
"Well, no.  It's a mean way to say someone is weird.  We've talked about dirty words and that's one we don't use, okay."
"Why did they sing it?"  (of course the why)
"Well, we probably shouldn't be listening to songs where they call people freaks...we should skip this one" (sigh.  i really liked that song)

Fast forward.  Today in the car...the CD is humming along and I hear from the back, "MOM!  Dirty word, dirty word!  Skip it Mom!"

Well, folks there is good news and bad news here.  Gavin is listening.  He is choosing to do right and to filter out the dirty stuff.  Me...not so much, apparently I still have some learning to do.  I will say this, I am pleased to announce that, at least "freak" is the only F word he knows.  (:

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