Friday, May 4, 2012

Quote of the day

Brayden:  I want to start a band.
Me:  What instrument will you play.
Bray:  Tuba, it's loud.
Me:  Oh, what song will you sing?
Bray:  Lump (by Presidents of the United States of America)

And this is what you get when Sesame Street and my husbands music tastes collide.  I love it.  I love these moments when our influence meets up with our sons personality and suddenly you get a little glimps of who he might be.  A tuba playing rockstar?  Probably not, but definitely something original. 

As much as I struggle to understand this little guy, I am grateful for the joy he brings.  It will be so fun to watch him grow and I am sure He is going to suprise us with lots of amazing things he does that we never would have thought of.  Just because God made him and original and he has embraced it with full abandon!

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