Thursday, May 31, 2012

Dreaming big dreams

Today I have aready picked up stray white hairs from a judge's wig, tied a cape four times, helped find cowboy boots, tied one M&M costume and readjusted pilots goggles at least 15 times.  The dress up box has come down. 
At least once a week Brayden begs to have me bring down this box.  At least once a week, I do my best to put avoid it.  It means a mess, it means playing rescue, piloting, emergency and other various things that require an intense imagination that God did not give me.  But he gave it to my son (and quite possibley my daughter too, from the looks of it). 
I am afraid my imagination is pretty limited and usually it's biggest jump is to an isolated island where there are no over flowing laundry baskets or sinks full of dishes.  It does not react quickly to character changes, scenario changes or other various mixes Brayden comes up with, such as doctors at the circus or policemen on the moon.  Brayden is an imagination phenom.  And when I can step out of my type A, concrete sequencial self, I am amazed at how his little brain works.  I do not understand it, but am in awe of all he can dream!!!
Today, looking into his room, amongst the ginormous mess, there I saw him... judges wig, safari hat, cape, binoculars and wristbands.   He looked up with a big satisfied smile, "Hey mom."
I do love that little face.  To see his joy at being in his element and to see his pride in the crazy attire he came up with (all that served some purpose, I am sure he could tell you about), my heart melted.  I was gonna have him clean up...but well, that's my element.  Today, I am gonna do my best to set myself aside and let him live in his.  I may not understand it, but I can see he thrives in it. 
I will admit...many days this is hard for me...little Bray and I are so different.  But to see his joy, is making me try just a that much harder.  So many days I make him live in my world...maybe it's time I try to live a little more in his.  He's happy there and that's where he dreams the big dreams...who am I to stop that?

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