Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Lately, Amanda's new favorite thing is the "peatot".  This started out as her word for "teapot," but seems to have become her word for all things encompasing her new kitchen.  She yells "peatot, peatot," and summons people to her room by waving or pointing. 
Usually, I get suckered in by her excitement and follow her down the hall into her room.  It is then she pats the floor,"chair chair" (her words for sit).  If by chance you don't sit, the cute little child inviting you to tea, starts to turn tyranical, "CHAIR CHAAAAAIR".  Well, Yes Mam!
And so you sit, with puppy and baby and get served tea.  She rustles around the kitchen, getting out the pots and pans, throwing in plastic food, doctoring it with splashes from her baby's bottles and sippy cups and serves you up.  She feeds puppy and makes smacking noises for him.  My favorite part is that she closes the doors with her elbows...just like me, cuz her hands are too full.  She's got it down, that little lady! 
Sometimes, I am so tired.  I have a zillion things to do and frankly, "peatot" does not sound like fun.  I know that if I follow the summons, I will indeed be criss cross applesauce for quite awhile eating plastic carrots and fries (I don't like carrots).  My legs and imagination, both seem to be getting to old for this.  But my baby is getting old...she's probably not going to want to play "peatot" much longer.  I kept feeling like I should play with her.  I didn't want to forget these moments.  Then I got a brilliant idea.  I video taped it to remember.  Isn't that what good moms do?
It did occur to me, as I was taping, that maybe...me remembering isn't quite the point.  Maybe it's her remembering.  Really, remembering.  That Mommy spent time with puppy eating her plastic goodies and dancing along with the teapot songs.  Remembering mommy helping baby drink her tea, and yes, possibley, remembering Mommy falling as she tried to uncross her extra stiff legs to get off the ground. 
I am still glad I remembered to video tape it.  It will be fun to watch.  She's awfully cute in her little nightgown.  But I have decided, it doesn't necessarily get me off the hook from eating my plastic carrots.  Somethings you do because they are good for you...I genuinely believe this is one of them!

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