Friday, September 7, 2012


We started school.  Real School...the kind that has lots and lots of big kids and allows backpacks with zippers. 
Gav did great.  I figured as much, he loves new things (that he's been told about) he loves structure and he loves learning.  Walked in, without looking back.  I did great too.  My other two give me very few moments to lament the passage of time and how big my kids really are. 
What I have not been doing great with is our schedule.  Gav is only in school for a little over two and a half hours and Bray is in two and a half hours three days a week...these hours do not line up super well.  Plus, we live close enough to walk and the parking lot has about two spots (okay maybe 30...but still, in a school with 500+ kids, it may as well be two) to park.  So we have to walk....but I am not sure how to pull this off with Bray's drop off.  Argh...we'll figure it out.  It's just a lot to load the kids all up strollering back and forth 2x a day.  I am trying not to get disgruntled with this system.  Sometimes it seems like so much work for such a small task.
Yesterday, I watched as my boys skipped home ahead of me and had an opportunity to check my attitude.  It was lovely out, the sun was bright and warm on our faces.  Amanda was laughing in her stroller, yelling "two three go" to the boys and the boys skipped and laughed most the way home.  I was grateful for the time.  Pretty soon, the boys and Amanda will be walking themselves to and from school, no stroller no hand mom.  Oh it seems far away...but so did Gav's Kindergarten. 
But for the next three or four years, I get to walk with them.  I get to hold hands, talk about the day, listen to their chatter, the things that make them laugh.  I get to be with my kids.   I am blessed
I will forever have the mental picture of my boys ahead of me, sun shining down, Gav's bright green backpack on, heads bent together conspiring and the sound of Amanda's laughter from the stroller below.  And if I do indeed stroll and take the time in these "tasks"...I believe I will get more of these moments.  I must say, I am looking forward to that!

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