Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Summer in WA state has arrived. A full week in the 80s. I laugh at us Washingtonions. We complain about the rain, tote our umbrellas, consider anti-depressants and then bam, one week in the 80s and we are buying stores out of fans, considering $3000 airconditioning systems (for about 8 weeks total) and complaining it's SOOO hot. It really is kinda funny, but you are only allowed to whine if you live here. Otherwise you'd better keep your trap shut. It's our right, for putting up with the weather patterns in this place we call home. (By the way, the mountains, lakes, ocean and views make up for it all).
Anyway...due to this heat, my kids are having a hard time sleeping. I can believe it. They are in only diapers but they toss and turn and then decide it's time to talk to each other about it. By this, I mean scream, laugh run around on their beds and have a regular hay day. I have officially put them back to bed at least 5 times a night. THIS HAS NEVER OCCURRED BEFORE. It's horrible really. I feel bad for them, but worse for me. Just because they are uncomfortable in the heat (yes a mere 80, which is winter in other parts of the world) does not give them the right to disobey and simotaneously torture me.
The worst part is, prior to my entrance to their room, they are really quite happy (except the one time Brayden got his leg stuck in the crib slats...don't think that stopped him though). Bouncing around joyously, singing and laughing, until the grump lady comes in and sucks the joy out. I would prefer them to go to bed right after I tell them "Mommy loves you daddy loves you and Jesus loves you." It seems like such a nice last thought before closing your eyes and drifting to sleep. But it is not to be. Instead it's "Lecture lecture lecture, now go to bed."
Sometimes it's so hard to hold a line, especially when told duct tape would be considered abuse. I want to give up and let them dance on their beds until 9:30. Alas, I believe this is a battle worth engaging in...the war is on. And so, I am off. I have some joy to suck out of the next room.

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