Sunday, September 13, 2009

Be Humble, be grumbly

For awhile we were having a very hard time with Gavin and the treatment of his brother. I decided to try get some scripture hidden in his little heart (it's never too early) and use it to try and teach him. When he hits kicks or pushes his brother he takes a time out and then I go and talk with him about his actions. Afterward, we have worked on a scripture in Ephesians (a modified version, mind you, he's only 3).
"Be humble, be gentle, be patient, love one another."
He has now mastered this and I can use it to teach him how he is supposed to treat others...including his brother. We then go ask Brady for forgiveness. So far so good.

Well, his newest thing is whining.
"No mama, I don't waaaant to."
"No I don't liiike that"
"No, No, No."
This does not bode well with me, especially when emphasized with a nice fall to the floor or thrown toy. We have tried the "use your big boy voice" line...with no luck. We have sent him to his room. We have deprived him of what he wants (or given him what he doesn't want for that matter, ex. broccoli). It seems we are in a constant state of complaining and whining over here. And so, I decided to find a new scripture.
Philippians 2:14 (I think) "Do everything without grumbling or complaining." PERFECT

For the last week I have been trying to teach Gavin this scripture and everytime I ask, "What has Mommy told you?"
This is his reply, "Be humble be grumble..."
At which point I have to cut him off..."Noooo....we are to be humble, but no grumbling!"
Lord, help me to do this without grumbling or complaining! Help him to get it!!! The worst is, sometimes it sounds so wrong, it's funny and I have to bite my cheek to keep from laughing and then Gavin gets that smirk and starts over, "Be humbly be grumbly..."

I'll tell you whose humbly and I am humbled at how imperfect I am as a parent and grumbly my brilliant ideas don't work. This week I caught myself and realized that until I can truly take these scriptures to heart in my parenting, there is no way my kid is gonna get it! So here is to a new week. Humble with no grumble maybe Gavin and I can both get it!

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