Monday, September 14, 2009


There are people who cannot wait to get the newest iphone or computer. They are dying to have a machine the size of their pinky which can not only hold songs, photos, documents, and give them directions if they are stuck out in siberia, but it can also make calls, send faxes and schedule whole families doctors appointments. All in under three seconds.
I am not this person.
I want my camera, to be a camera, phone to be a phone, ipod to be an ipod and computer to be a computer. Each of these things already has about one thousand features to learn (and about another thousand I have found to be useless) and you want me to add them all together and find a way to make my brain navigate that mess?
I think part of my desire to back away from all this may insatiable curiosity and need to try and know everything and how it works. If I tried to know everything about all this, it would take me years. I am not willing to go to school to learn to use my phone. I'm just not. And so I get overwhelmed and frustrated that I am not using all of what I paid for and feeling that somehow I am missing out.
Every time I get a new cell phone (which seems like every two years...I think they are built to break right before you get that new "free" phone) sit down with the thing and obsessively try to figure out my new "toy". What? It's lunch time...hold on, I am getting my ring-tones. Oh, dinner, just let me figure out the texting configurations.
It's ridiculous. I have people wanting updates of my kids via e-mail, kodak gallery, facebook and blog. I try to leave a message at someone's house and they don't get it.
"You should have tried my cell."
"Why didn't you text me?"
"I am so much better at e-mail."
Frankly,I don't have the time to figure out what form of technology each of my friends and family prefers. Not to mention, I don't want people to be able to get ahold of me 24/7 and have the expectation that I am going to get back to them a.s.a.p.. I want a life outside of tweeting, fb and e-mail and I want to actually catch up on printing pics of my kids before I update the facebook page!
I am only 31 and I feel like I have a 70 year old's perspective on technology. (Actually, I know some 70 year olds who are way more savvy than I). Oh...this only scares me for the future, because I am going to have to figure out my kids world and how to navigate in it!
Who knows, maybe they will just develop a way to upload the manuals into my little brain and I won't have to worry about it!

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