Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Update on Cranky (see below post)

So...my husband saw the broken crane and decided to be super dad and go buy "Cranky." It was to be a fun special outing for Gavin. Of course, upon entering the train aisle, Gavin had a complete fit over wanting some other little gadget. (We of course know him well enough to know, the minute we got home he'd want "Cranky" and wonder why he didn't have it, since we had talked about it all day.)
Finally, we took him out of the aisle, gave him the "If you don't stop crying we're leaving right now speech" and set him and Brayden up at the train table they have to play with. I sat with the kids while dad bought Cranky.
This is when I get the phone call that Shawn is out front and I should bring the kids. Oh yeah...let me just tell them we need to go! Brayden went ballistic, grabbing at trains and throwing them and Gavin started crying that he had gone "Stinky poo poo" and wanted his pants changed (thank you LORD we had a pull up on). Of course, I didn't have a diaper, nor did I have a cart to throw them in, so I was carrying (barely) one screaming child and dragging another out of Toys R US. I was that mom!!!
As I step out of the store, Shawn says, "Well that didn't go as planned."
No Joke! But then, with two toddlers, what really does?

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  1. love that your cranky got a Cranky!
    (sorry, was that rude?)