Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A proud mom

So, in the last few months, we have had the boys getting various shots at the doctor's office. It's been a bummer and now Gavin is very aware, when we get to the building, there is potential for a shot. On Monday, we had appts. for me and the boys to get the H1N1. Gavin's asthma puts him at great risk, so I bucked up and decided to go in. As we turned in, Gavin says, "Mama, I don't want a shot. Are we getting shots?"
Well, I wasn't going to lie to him. So, I tried to avoid directly answering and gave him all sorts of lines...."Shots can keep you from getting sick." "You're so brave, they don't hurt too bad." So on and so forth. He didn't buy any of it and started crying. Finally, I calmed him down, distracted him and got him into the building. We sat in his Mimi's office (fortunately my mom works there, so at least we don't have to wait in the waiting room and can play with her for a bit...a small perk). Our names got called. I went first. And then came the breakdown.
"NOOOO mamaaaaaaaa!!!!"
I had my mom take Brayden out and it took me and another nurse to hold Gavin down to get one quick prick in the leg. He was so sad and in hysterics. Screaming at the top of his would have thought we were breaking his leg instead of giving it a small pinch. I was sad for him, but held it together. When it was all done, he was still sobbing and mom brought Brayden back in for his turn and lifted Gavin to take him out for his lollipop. On the way out, with giant sobs and shaking breath, Gavin says,
"Don't worry Bray, it's okay. It's okay Bray, don't be sad. Be brave, don't be sad."
That's when I started to tear up. My precious boy, amidst his suffering was looking out for his brother! What an encourager and a trooper. I couldn't have been more proud of him if he sat there stoically and took the shot.
I am still so proud and I hope that I too, in the midst of my trials will make an effort to encourage those around me and look beyond myself. Way to go Gavy!!

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