Thursday, November 19, 2009

Amidst the busy

Holidays are approaching and time is already escaping me. I am not quite sure where it goes, but somehow the days are packed. I love being busy, but this is ridiculous. Shawn and I have been handing off the kids, giving each other a kiss and yelling "catcha later" as we pass through the door by each other. We are working to slow it down and I hope the time comes soon.
In the midst of the craziness, I have noticed Gavin's tantrums have increased and I have had multiple lovely episodes of him falling to the floor, yelling "No" and defiantely running away from me. It's pretty impressive the drama he presents. Slightly amusing...if you aren't his parent.
Brayden has been sick for two weeks (double ear infection that I caught way late), along with me. Though we are both on the upswing, this has turned him into a cuddle bug. I hope it hangs around a bit. It's really nice to have someone willing to give snuggles when you need them. On the flip side, he was also given to mood swings. With his current form of communication being screaming at the top of his lungs with his hands clenched for both happy and mad,we have had a great deal of high pitched squealing. Gavin's response to this is screaming back "No screaming Bray Bray!" Hmmmm? In an effort to teach Gavin the proper response, I am encouraging him to say, "No thank you, Brayden." He does use no thank you now, but I am afraid it is at a decibel that matches Brayden's.
Sweet moments amidst the chaos have occured and I am trying to savor them. Gavin is contiuing to prove the encourager of the family. He congratulates Shawn and I when we finish our plates of food and he gives Brayden pats and "Good Jobs" when he learns something new. He is constantly trying to teach Brayden words and if Brayden even gets close in mimicing him, Gavin runs to tell me the new word he said. Gavin is also ready to reward Shawn and I if we go potty and always proud of Shawn's stinky poo poo. Thoughtful, huh?
We still get great catch phrases from Gavin,
-"Mom, stop at the cards, we need to buy a birthday card for Jesus."
-After his friend Koen adopted a sister from China, "Oh, Daddy's going on an airplane. Gavy go to and get a sister with him."
-After going to the post office to see about mailing something to our friends in India. "Can we go to India."
"Maybe someday, Gavin."
"Okay, Mom, we'll go in three sleeps. That'll be good, right?"
Brayden is just fun right now. He is so excitable and so helpful. He loves to get people's things for them. He often brings Gavin his blanket, Shawn his ipod and me, my books. If you love it, he wants you to have it (even if he's not supposed to touch, the ipod, my books, my coffee). He is quite the charmer and has learned to give hugs and kisses, when asked. It's great!
We're having fun, but missing the family time, we so enjoy. Hopefully, we can slow down a bit. We are trying to be careful with our schedules, but also live life to the's a careful balance.
On that note...someone is doing the hurt cry in the next room and I need to get us out the door.
Off we go...

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