Thursday, November 5, 2009


Today, we were running late. No one wanted to get up, get dressed or get going. Today I could not get the CD player to work in the van and Gavin did not understand and would not stop asking for it to be louder. Today my son had a huge melt down at church over a pack of fruit snacks, in front of many moms, and a timeout for disobeying me continually. Today I forgot my coat and there was a torrential downpour that occurred, right when leaving church. The kids fell asleep in the car and Gavin woke up coming inside and cried about everything from taking his shoes off to reading a story, until he finally crawled into bed. Today the kids woke up early. Gavin cried over everything and I mean everything...from there on out. Brayden got into everything while I dealt with the crier. Today my living room floor was covered. Blankets, toys, kitchen utensils...covered.
Today I tried to run errands and thought I would pee my pants because I didn't want to take the kids into a public restroom if not necessary. Today I wiped my nose and Brayden's nose more times than I can count and told Gavin to use a big boy voice more times than I wiped both of our noses combined.
Today Gavin continued to make his brother irate, by slamming his garbage truck into Brayden's dump truck. Today I confiscated the garbage truck and endured a monumental tantrum all through my dinner preparation. Today, while throwing a tantrum, Gavin fell off a chair onto his head and elbow and cried twice as hard as he did for the tantrum. Today Gavin ran to me in tears, stood at my leg and peed all over the floor by my foot.
Today, I tripped over two toys, while holding a pee soaked three year old, on the way to the bathtub. I wrestled two kids through a bath and listened to the microwave timer continue to beep, reminding me dinner was done, but I wasn't going to get to eat it for a good while. Today, I finally sat down to go to the bathroom, looked around at my soaking bathroom floor, covered in pee soaked clothes, a removed diaper, a wet towel and toilet paper Brayden had managed to unravel and spread throughout and I just laughed out loud. Today my husband stopped by the bathroom to ask me if I was okay.
Today I'm okay. I made it. I'm okay.
But I have to admit, I am hoping for a slightly better tomorrow.
"Though sorrows may last for a night, joy comes in the morning!"


  1. I've heard that misery loves company. If that's the case, I have to tell you that this was almost EXACTLY my day yesterday (or was it the day before? or was it both of those days?). All I know is that today was pure heaven. The kids played well, got dressed when asked, loaded in the car great, ate food that was in front of them, etc. I can't tell you how much I was glowing and appreciating the day after having a rough one (or two?). Prayers for an easy day tomorrow!!

  2. Thanks for the laugh and sharing in your terrific way.