Monday, November 30, 2009

"Sharing Jesus"

So we were in the bookstore the other day and Gavin runs up to me..."Can I play with Jesus, Mom?" I look around and spot a little people Nativity Scene and tell Gavin..."Sure". That's great, my kid wants to play with Jesus, awesome!
Shawn and I see how into the set the kids are and noting that it is not breakable as our other set is, we decide to get it for them. Gavin, super excited carried his box out to the car and informs us.
"I'm taking Jesus home."
Shawn replies, "Well, when you get home you have to share Jesus with Brayden."
Gavin: "I don't want to share Jesus."
Mom (getting all metaphorical): You HAVE to share Jesus. Jesus is everyone's friend and you have to share him with anyone who wants to play with him.
Gavin: "No mom, Brayden can have the donkey."
Mom: "You have to share Jesus Gavin."
Gavin: "Okay, but I get Jesus first and you're the donkey.

Lesson not discuss theological metaphors about Jesus with a three year old. You'll end up being the ass.

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