Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sick little guy

Brayden had a fever earlier in the week. One hundred and two for about a day and a half. He was so sad. My bundle of energy was just Mr. lethargo. He would sit around with his eyes half mast and cling to his blankies. Gavin kept asking Bray questions and Bray wouldn't answer. Gavin got really frustrated to have his playmate give up any sort of activity.
We made a play date for Gavin to get out of the house (and hopefully not catch the cold). When we went to drop him off at Mrs. Stephanie's house to play with her nephew Charlie, two people whom Bray loves...he just whimpered "Athen"...his name for Gavin, as Gav jumped out of the car. Even Mrs. Stephanie, whim he adores couldn't muster much out of him.
When we got to the Doctor Brayen lost it the minute we walked into the exam room. He's had a lot of shots lately and is now terrified of anything resembling a doctor. When the nurse left he calmed down, but even when my mom came in with her stethoscope on he cried until she took it off. He cried for the Dr. and even the special Lightening McQueen I bought him and a Lollipop could not calm him down. Finally, after checking him out, my mom just carried a sniffly Bray out of the room.
Two ear infections and a really sore throat, was the prognosis. Poor kiddo. I felt sad for my hot bodied, sick little guy. I felt really bad, that there was a part of me that loved having him slow down and cuddle. Loved that I was the one he wanted and loved that I was his main source of comfort (well aside from his blankie, stuffed monkey and paci). Granted, after awhile it did get old being clung to...but in a strangley sweet way.
After 12 hours of antibiotics, bray is back in his crazy, energetic full glory. He and Gavin are playing and fighting, he's been pushing the limits and singing through the stores at the top of his lungs. It's good to see. We missed our little boy. But a part of me also misses the little cuddler who just wanted me and hie blanky.

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