Monday, February 16, 2009

And so it begins...

Internet, E-mail, IM, Facebook...and now blogging. In a valient attempt to try and keep current I am starting our family blog. Whether I will keep up with or ever finish this here blog (do we ever finish blogs?) remains to be seen. I am not truly sure I know what blogging is or what it's all about, but I am going to give it a go.

I am raising Ryans. Gavin Ryan (2.5), Brayden Ryan (10 mo.) and if you include my husband, Shawn Ryan (30). All boys...even our cat Chaza Ryan is in fact, a male. This means I am usually engaged in some sort of activity that has to do with sports, trucks or food. It also means that my slightly OCD personality is challenged daily and my attempts at tidiness are futile and only slightly appreciated (my two year old seems to have a bent towards cleanliness, praise the Lord).

Shocking even myself, I have found I truly love raising boys. I have learned the difference between a front loading garbage can and a heil side loader, I can sword fight while cooking dinner, I can name at least 10 different types of construction vehicles in 10 seconds, I can make a little tikes basket with nothing but net, left handed and I have finally learned to understand the game of football. I have two little men and one big one to thank for this. Oh and one really big One...the good Lord.

So...that's the intro.. As for what happens on the rest of our journey, I guess we'll keep you posted. Afterall, if I understand correctly, that's what a blog is for!

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