Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A true update

Without the fluff, I am going to try and give a true update of the Ryans...this one's for you Shawn:

Brayden: He has the coolest blue eyes and flirts shamelessly with them! He is sooo close to walking. He is cruising around everything and trying so hard to keep up with his brother, whom he adores. He has his bottom two teeth and shows them off frequently, as he is soooo smiley! He looooves people, loves to be in the middle of the action, but also can entertain himself pretty well, when no one (namely Gavin) is taking things out of his hands. He eats just like his brother...everything and can down a 7 oz. bottle in two minutes and thirty seconds. I miss my baby, but I am so enjoying the little person I see developing before me.

Gavin: He is growing up so fast. He is using sentances way more and his favorite question is, "What doing?" He asks about 200 times a day (i am not kidding, ask any one who frequents this household) . His second runner up is "Whereareyou?" Yes, it's one word. He is into Little Einsteins and Cars right now. He loves to sing and will sing songs for you, his favorite being the "Choo Choo Train song" that his dad made up. He still adores garbage trucks and diggers and his best friend he'll tell you is "teacher Rosa", his Sunday School teacher. He is having a hard time sharing right now...especially with his baby brother, who he still refers to as "baby". (We are working on teaching him Brayden's name, but it's a no go). Unfortunately, this is our biggest reason for time outs. In a close second is whining...he has perfected the two year old art!

Gavin can now tell you about things that happened to him yesterday or a few days ago and he's started to try and tell you stories...usually we have no idea what he's talking about, but it's fun to see him try to tell you about his day. Overall, he is a really fun kid who is eager to please and ready to smile. It's fun to watch him learn and discover each day.

Shawn: He is still the dean at Discovery Elementary, but is also the summer school principal for Mukilteo School District. He has been working obscene hours to get ontop of the latter. He is finally done interviewing the staff for summer school, so we see him a bit more, but it's still a lot trying to do double duty. We are really proud of him and I think he's doing an amazing job. He is also applying for principal jobs, but with the cuts in education, we aren't seeing much out there. He does love his current job, so that is good.

Shawn doesn't have a ton of spare time, but he is going to Minnisota with his brother to visit his uncle and cousins. He is really excited about this and it should be fun. Other than that, he usually spends time with the kids and is starting to spend time working out in the yard again (we are so excited about this)! In an attempt to save some cash, we discontinued his subscription to Sports Illustrated and that has been hard on him. Seriously, especially with Griffey back. However, he has taken to reading Gavin's Ranger Rick magazine at night and has now decided he wants to raise racing pigeons. Except he wants to wait until the boys are older, so he can make them clean the cages. You think I'm joking?

Me: Same old same old. I still watch baby Logan on Mon. and Tues. It's very helpful financially, but hard for my person to stay home two days straight. My friend Shiloah is pretty consistant in visiting on one of the days which is really nice!!! I am still volunteering at church on Wednesdays and Shawn and I are now also taking a parenting class on Sundays. It's been good and I enjoy having something to do with just Shawn. I have attempted to take up sewing and suprised myself by really enjoying it. Not too great at it, but i like it (: Other than that...not much to say. Still addicted to coffee, still have lots of words to use up each day, still trying fruitlessly to keep "everything in it's place", still prefer anything with sugar over a true meal and still find myself very busy, but I cannot figure out for the life of me what takes up all my time.

Overall, we're doin' good. We are well taken care of by the Lord, by our family, and by our friends. It's been a challenging season in our lives, but one which I feel we are embracing the opportunity to trust God more and grow grow grow. I know it will be gone too soon and I am sure we will look back with fondness on these years...even without Sports Illustrated.

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