Thursday, February 26, 2009

teachable moments...

We all have them. Those moments where something happens and it is precisely what we needed to prove a point and teach the lesson we have been trying to communicate for soooooo long. A few days ago, I was blessed with a beautiful moment.
Shawn and I had spent the previous evening watching some TV and munching on the cursed girl scout cookies that somehow find their way into our house every year. And as is the custom for my husband, he left his cookie box on the ground and his cup in the room. I picked up the cup, making some snide remark, I'm sure (hey, no one's perfect) and missed the cookies.
The next day, Shawn stayed home from school with Gavin while I took Brayden to the doctor. As I left Gavin was sitting demurely on the couch watching a house favorite, "Clithord". When I got home, Shawn chuckling grabs the camera and tells me "You gotta see this, you won't believe it." There on the camera are pictures of a chocolate covered coffee table, chocolate covered fingers and a chocolate covered face. Left to his own devices, Gavin had polished off a half a tube of the Thin Mints Shawn had left behind. And he left evidence everywhere. Shawn, while laughing at the pictures, turns to me and says, "I was so mad! I was going to eat those tonight while watching LOST."
What exactly did this teach Gavin, you ask? Probably nothing, except maybe that Clithord and cookies are a decent combo. However, Shawn on the other hands, well... I have been asking Shawn to take his snacks to the kitchen at night for the last...umm, how long have we been married? It was glorious. I think I heard the angels singing. And as I grinned at Shawn's frustration over losing his precious Thin Mints, he realized I was taking way to much joy in his loss. I didn't have to say a word. (Okay, being the human that I am, even though I didn't have to , I might have let a few words slip out and I probably should have kept my mouth shut, but come on!)
And so, tonight when the TV comes on and the snacks come out, my question is, have we learned something here? To be honest, without the Thin Mints, I am concerned our other snacks aren't worth saving. I guess we'll see..

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